Unique Volcanic Grown Flowers for That Special Someone

Have you ever seen or heard of a floral service provider who actually grows their flowers on a volcano? Neither did I until I found The Bouqs. The flowers are picked and cut when you order and are shipped directly from the farm in South America, so you know these are super fresh and aren’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere slowly dying. I love that since we all know how fast some flowers can die, more specifically my favorite flower, the lily. We have them planted in our garden and they last maybe 7 days at most and then wither away. So sad since they’re so pretty.

I ended up ordering the Desperado bouquet on TheBouqs for my sister and her husband for their recent marriage, which features 12 dozen pink roses and purple dianthus flowers or similar accents for $40 with free shipping. I loved how it popped in the online catalog photo, which is why I ordered it. But when it arrived, it didn’t have the purplish colored flowers; it was mainly all pink. I think the purple is what helped make it stand out more so I was slightly disappointed there, but they’re still beautiful regardless.



You can also write a personalized message for free and have it sent out with the flowers, which I did. They also give your recipient a card featuring information about the company to show how unique your flowers truly are.



The flowers had little cloth bags at the end of them that were filled with water to keep them fresh and well hydrated. You could tell that they were packaged with extreme care. I can even order them ahead of time every year and save 10% when I set up the concierge. I don’t think I will ever use another flower service ever when i can send these uniquely grown and well cared for flowers from TheBouqs.



  1. kungphoo
    / 6:23 PM

    I never heard of that before, but the flowers look very pretty!

  2. / 11:17 AM

    That s amazing. I’ve read that volcanic ash is great for producing beautiful flowers.

  3. / 11:17 AM

    That s amazing. I’ve read that volcanic ash is great for producing beautiful flowers.

  4. Elisebet F
    / 11:17 AM

    Wow, no, I’ve never heard of flowers grown on the side of volcanoes…that is truly a unique present!

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