2 Free Educational Apps for Children on iTunes!

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Kids Academy | Educational Apps for Children

It’s hard finding a good educational app that is both educational and attention grabbing. Kids need things to be fun and appealing to the eye in order for it to be entertaining. That’s why I love Kids Academy apps, because they’re vibrant in color, have 3D graphics and they make learning fun!

screen520x924 (2)Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game
Educational Books & Free Songs

Teaching young children who aren’t even in preschool yet how to trace numbers and letters is GREAT in my book. My niece loves this and she’ll be breezing through school in no time. Great app with wonderful vibrant colors and 3D features.


Download Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game


screen520x924screen520x924 (1)

screen520x924 (4)


Bugs, Shapes and Robots

Face Paint for Toddlers

FREE for a limited time! (usually $2.99)

Electronics is the new way to teaching. Hands on play is great as well, but we live in a technology advanced world today. My 3 year old niece is loving this one and has identified all the shapes in no time. She loves when she gets them right and collects all of the bugs.

Download Bugs, Shapes, and Robots


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