NoseFrida and Fridet the Mom Washer Review

NoseFrida and Fridet the Mom Washer Review

Those of you that follow my social media accounts know that I had my baby girl on April 19th. Things have been a little hectic over here for the past almost 3 weeks, but I am trying to figure out a schedule between sleeping, taking care of baby and blogging. It’s been difficult but I’m somehow making it work.

Before I had my baby girl, I contacted Frida baby who sent over the Fridet Mom Washer, which is a peri bottle that’s great for cleansing your bottom post delivery, AND the Nosefrida the Snotsucker, which is a unique and effective way to get the snot out of your little one’s nose.

The peri bottle came in handy at the perfect time considering I had just had her. It’s so much more effective using the mom washer over the ones the hospital gives you all because it’s ingeniously designed to be held upside down and is able to reach everything with its curved neck. It also came with a travel bag for easy on the go healing. My husband wanted to travel up to his families house 6 days after we had her, so this was perfect for just that. I did notice that you’ll need to apply your finger over the spouts to stop it from pouring out once you turn it right side up again, otherwise, you’ll have a wet toilet seat/floor. I guess it helps to follow directions. LOL

Fridet Mom Washer
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How to use the Fridet Mom Washer

1. Unscrew top of Fridet and fill reservoir with warm water
2. Mix in a few drops of witch hazel for soothing relief
3. Screw cap on securely and invert the bottle with one finger covering the silver valve
4. Position the bottle with the tip facing the desired direction and remove finger from valve
5. Squeeze bottle gently and repeat as desired
6. Unscrew top, empty contents, and insert top into reservoir for travel

To clean: disassemble the Fridet and clean in warm soapy water



The Nosefrida Snotsucker may seem a little weird or gross since you’re basically sucking snot out of your child’s nose, but there’s a filter that blocks anything from entering your mouth, which is why I wanted to try it. Although, it hasn’t really been used effectively quite yet. I did notice that when she feeds, she seems to be a little congested so I decided to break out the snot sucker and see what I could get out. I stuck the blue end up to her nostril and sucked on the other end. Nothing really came out, but she didn’t have snot inside of her nostrils either. When I sucked, it caused her to sneeze, so I know that it works, I’ll just have to wait until she actually has snot inside of her nostrils to see how well it does then.

How to use the Nosefrida Snotsucker

  1. The disposable filter should be in place to prevent mucus or bacterial transfer.
  2. Place the large tube against the child’s nostril, creating a seal.
  3. Use the red mouthpiece to SUCK out the snot. TIPS: Move the tube in a circular motion against the nostril – you will hear and see the mucus coming out of the nose. A few drops of saline solution in each nostril will help loosen thick mucus before using Nosefrida.
  4. To clean, detach all of the pieces, and dispose of the filter. All pieces EXCEPT for the long thin tube should be cleaned with hot water and dish soap (they are also top-rack dishwasher safe).The long thin tube should be cleaned with a few drops of rubbing alcohol and shaken out to dry.

Why is NoseFrida better than other aspirators?

NoseFrida is non-invasive – instead of going inside the nose like the bulb, it forms a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril (creating a vacuum). Parent-powered (mouth) suction is much stronger and more effective than the static suction of the bulb or battery-powered aspirators. NoseFrida is also easy to clean.

The nosefrida comes with 4 filters, 1 which is preloaded and 3 extras. It is recommended to toss them after each use, so it’s a good thing that the replacement filters are relatively cheap at $3 for 20 filters.

Overall, both products are useful and effective and I recommend them to all moms/parents.





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