Dentists: Such Ripoffs

So I had my dental appointment early this morning at a new dentist office to get my impacted wisdom tooth looked at and the rest of my teeth since it’s been a couple years since I’ve been to the dentist for lack of insurance reasons. Apparently I need to get 3 of 4 wisdom teeth cut and removed and have a few small fillings done. I swear the dentist told me I had 2 cavities on my right side and then 1 on the left, but when I went up to the check out counter to discuss costs with the receptionist, she listed 5 cavities. Hmm, I am not sure if they’re trying to swindle me here or if the dentist made a mistake. I know what I heard was correct, but it kind of makes me weary since I know some places practice this shady nonsense to get more money out of you.

I didn’t agree to anything since apparently they’re estimating that its going to cost almost $1,000 to get 3 widsoms removed and 5 fillings, and no, that’s not total, that’s just the amount I’d pay at the time of service with insurance covering the rest. I’ve never had to pay the amount upfront before, so I found that a bit odd. And, they’re tacking on IV sedation for like $400 of that total, so I am definitely not going along with that. Honestly, I am not that nervous or scared or too worried about it really, I just want them out, so I can be over with the random infection/swelling/mild pain that comes with the 1.


So in about 6 weeks when they get the absolute total from insurance that I would have to pay, then I can proceed or find a different dental office. I mean, I’ve already waited this long, 6 more weeks probably won’t kill me… but the bill probably will.

You can read this guys story about how Dentists Are Ripping Us Off. He went to 50 different dentists offices and all of them gave vastly different diagnoses and prices. Unfortunately it happens and he’s living proof!



  1. / 9:04 PM

    I LOVE my dentist. Its a father and daughter team now. Its the one Jason went to his whole life growing up and his family went too and are still going to. He doesn’t do the wisdom teeth surgery though, I had to go down to Oral Surgery downtown, name is escaping me.
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    • Jenny
      / 10:00 PM

      Yeah I tried to go to a doctor downtown but apparently they don’t take my insurance anymore so I think I may be stuck going to a chain dentist like Gentle Dental. UGH! lol

  2. Denise
    / 1:32 AM

    In California employer get $ 1000 worth of dental benefits for the employee. Mostly dental checkup is covered in insurance but the thing is some cosmetic dental surgery not cover in insurance they own has to do the pay the cost of treatment. Do you know which type of surgeries are gives more financial raise to dentists

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