Find Health Coverage for Your Way of Living During Open Enrollment with Washington Healthplanfinder

Find Health Coverage for Your Way of Living During Open Enrollment with Washington Healthplanfinder

I’ve partnered with the Washington Healthplanfinder to share information about open enrollment (Nov 1st-December 15th). As always, all opinions are my own.


For the last 2 years, we’ve collaborated with Washington Healthplanfinder, where I shared personal stories and talked about affordable health care after my husband lost his job (below), and where my husband’s previous employer didn’t offer spousal insurance.

We all know 2020/2021 has been a wild ride, to say the least, which could be an understatement for most people. My husband ended up losing his job around March 2020, which meant we lost all of our insurance plans for all 4 of us. We panicked about not being able to afford bills because unemployment was a nightmare to get started, but, thankfully there were resources available to keep us afloat in this time of need.

Since we had a great experience with Washington Healthplanfinder before, we knew they would be the best option for us to sign up for health insurance in the meantime so we would have the financial safeguard if any type of emergency were to suddenly pop up. We didn’t want the possibility of a costly medical bill without health coverage to put us into debt and add more stress to the already stressful 2 years.

With 2 small children, our dream is to be healthy, and we can’t do that without staying active, getting vitamin D outside, eating healthy, taking our minerals and vitamins, and having health coverage to keep ailments at bay

Enrolling at Washington Healthplanfinder is Easy

Finding a plan can be complicated and confusing; however, Washington Healthplanfinder makes it easy to find, compare, and enroll in a health plan for how you’re living now. For us, we like to research first and compare plans before we jump into anything, and the Washington Healthplanfinder makes it extremely easy to do. Enter minimal information and you’ll be provided a list of health plans to explore in your area within your income bracket.


Special Circumstances Enrollment Period

Did you know that if you’ve lost your job and your health insurance coverage, you might qualify for a special enrollment period with Washington Healthplanfinder? Thankfully we qualified so that we can help keep our health on track and our finances in check. Other qualifying special circumstances are having a baby, getting married, income changes, a new dependent, etc.

And if you prefer to check plans by your favorite providers and current prescription medication, you can do that with Smart Planfinder. I have doctors that I love and actually looked up my previous enrollment plan this way since I wanted to keep a favorite OBGYN that I saw all throughout my pregnancy with my first daughter.


Head over to Washington Healthplanfinder for open enrollment starting November 5th so you can find the best health coverage plan that fits you and your family. Most qualified health plans available on Washington Healthplanfinder include preventative health care at no cost, making it simple to stay healthy. Enrollment ends on December 15th for coverage beginning on January 1, 2022.

After a few months of being unemployed, my husband was hired on with a new company and they pay full health insurance for all 4 of us. Score! So, although we are no longer with Washington Healthplanfinder at this time, we will always go back to them when our family is in need because it’s a quick and easy process that we know works for our family.

We are grateful that this was our main concern throughout all of this and are blessed to be happy, healthy, to have food in our bellies, and a roof over our heads.


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