Open Enrollment is Happening Now on WA Healthplanfinder

Open Enrollment is Happening Now on WA Healthplanfinder

Health insurance is one of those necessities that’s a must from the time you’re born. It provides a major financial safeguard that’s worth investing in because it involves your and your family’s health.

We can’t always avoid illness and the pile of medical bills that go along with it, that’s why getting regular preventative care and staying current on recommended screenings is a must.

When Obamacare took effect, we became pregnant with our first. We knew we were going to need decent health insurance regardless and decided to look into my husband’s work but they didn’t offer spousal insurance because it was too “costly”. So we had to look at other options and Washington Healthplanfinder is where we found ourselves. We thought it would be a daunting, confusing task, but Washington Healthplanfinder made it easy for us to compare and enroll in a plan that worked for us.

To browse plans, we entered age, location, and yearly income and it gave us 13 options that we qualified for. We were able to compare and select the one that worked best for our needs. Having babies is expensive, so finding one where we essentially had to pay very little for birthing services at the hospital was a priority.

Although I don’t use Washington Healthplanfinder anymore since my husband’s current job now has spousal insurance plans that work for us, I do recommend them for how easy and stress-free the whole process was though.

Make 2020 the best year yet, and head over to Washington Healthplanfinder for open enrollment starting November 1st so you can find the best health coverage plan that fits you and your family. Most qualified health plans available on Washington Healthplanfinder include preventative health care at no cost, making it simple to stay healthy. Enrollment ends on December 15th.

Plan for how you live with Washington Healthplanfinder’s various resources:

This post was sponsored by Washington Healthplanfinder, all thoughts are my own.


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