10 Shopping Sites to Score Amazing Deals!

10 Shopping Sites to Score Amazing Deals!

If you love saving money as much as I do, you’re going to want to check out these 10 sites listed below. I was recently asked how I find all the deals and freebies that I do. Well, I am about to tell you. I get help because there’s not enough time in the day to hunt for these deals myself and list them all here in a timely fashion. These sites make it simpler and way more efficient, which in turn makes me happy. Because they are deals, this means they are time sensitive. So if you see something listed for a price you’re willing to spend, you may want to jump on it and fast. Once it’s posted on SlickDeals, it’s availability is usually limited.


10 Sites for Amazing Online Deals


  1. Slickdeals: This is a forum type deal site. Deals are submitted by users who find them browsing the internet, then if enough thumbs up on the deal are accumulated, it will be looked over by a mod and be put on the front page as a Slick Deal. This means that the deal is as probably as good as it will get, so jump on it now!
  2. Fat Wallet: Another forum type deal site pretty similar to Slick Deals except you can earn cash back through purchases made on Fat Wallet.
  3. Groupon: If you haven’t heard of Groupon, you must be living under a rock. I look at this site for local deals and mainly purchase groupon’s for Cinetopia for when my husband and I want to go out and watch a new blockbuster flick.
  4. Deal News: This site is basically an accumulation of all the best deals found on other deal sites all on one site.
  5. Brad’s Deals: Has online coupon codes, handpicked deals, and more. Visit BradsDeals to find discount codes for Dell, Overstock, and more!
  6. Woot: Is a daily online deal site that is now owned and operated by Amazon.
  7. Living Social: A site similar to that of Groupon.
  8. DealChicken: Is another online deal site similar to that of Groupon.
  9. RetailMeNot: A coupon code site that has pretty much any and every coupon code “IF” available from numerous retail and online stores.
  10. Gilt: Is a daily deal luxury site that puts name brand fashion and luxury household items at affordable prices.

There are obviously too many deal sites to list, but these are the majority of the ones that I use when I need to save money.


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