The Perfect Treat For Family Movie Night + Giveaway

The Perfect Treat For Family Movie Night + Giveaway

***Read all the way to the end to see how you can win 1 of 5 Walmart gift cards!***
When visiting the theater as a kid, I’d literally run to the popcorn and candy counter.  I still run to this day, only I’m a little bit slower. 😉 There’s just something about salty and savory treats while watching a blockbuster movie on the big screen!

My husband and I used to be able to see movies 3 times a month, but since having our daughter, that has diminished to twice a year, if that.

But having a kid doesn’t stop us from enjoying a good flick, we just have to wait a little longer for them to be released to Redbox so we can watch them at home on our very own big screen.

And you can’t watch a movie at home without a delicious treat. Our favorite treat is chocolate, more specifically, this new MILKA OREO Chocolate candy bar.

The Perfect Treat For Family Movie Night



MILKA is Europe’s leading chocolate brand, made with milk from the European Alps and the finest cocoa beans. This chocolate is like no other I have had. It is so smooth and creamy, your taste buds will have their little taste detectors blown and be begging for another piece! I like that it has just the right amount of OREO cookie bits in each bite of rich chocolate.

Want a little more cookie? The big crunch bar has a layer of crunchy OREO cookies between 2 layers of rich vanilla creme filling, which is then coated in European MILKA chocolate candy.

Now you’re wondering where you can find these heavenly candy bars!?milka oreo chocolate candy bar

At my store, the MILKA OREO Big Crunch Bar and the MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bar were in the candy aisle and the MILKA OREO Chocolate candy bar with 2 bars in it was at the checkout area (top left of the photo.)

Save on MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy

You can earn .50¢ each when you buy any 3 MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bars and redeem for the rebate offer on iBotta. I wasn’t able to find any MILKA OREO Choco-Mix at my Walmart store, but if you find it, you can get back $1 with the rebate offer on iBotta when you purchase 1 MILKA OREO Choco-Mix.

Additional savings at the Live Demo event at Walmart

Head to your Walmart from 5/18-5/21 to view the live demo event for samples and a 50¢ coupon to use on any ONE (1) MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bar or MILKA OREO Choco-Mix Snack Mix.

If you stack all of these offers, you can save up to $2 on OREO Chocolate at Walmart.

On Sunday 5/21, my store will be doing a demo where I will be attending and doing a Facebook Live video. Be sure to check it out and interact on my Facebook page if you have any questions or comments during the event.

Now onto the even better part…


I will select 5 winners to receive a $25 Walmart gift card.

In order to win, you must: 

  • Take a picture of yourself at Walmart with the MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy
  • Use #TryOREOChocolate
  • Tag me @momlifeinpnw in your photo on either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Giveaway starts 5/17/2017 and goes until 6/1/17 at 3:00 PM PT.
You must be 18 years or older to win and a resident of the United States.
The prize is for 1 of the 5, $25 Walmart gift cards, which will be delivered by email within 2 weeks after the giveaway has ended.
Winners will be chosen at random using then contacted via direct message.
You will have 48 hours to claim the prize before another winner is selected.




  1. / 10:39 AM

    Be still my heart…. This is totally the perfect treat for a family movie night.
    I am going to have to see if we can pick some up on our adventures this morning.

  2. Jennifer Van Huss
    / 11:08 AM

    OREOS are a must for any family adventure!! We love trying the different flavours and can’t wait to try this one! I don’t think it has hit Canada yet!

  3. / 1:51 PM

    I have never seen these in the store but I really want to try it. I may have to go out this afternoon and look for them because I’m craving them now.

  4. / 2:53 PM

    These look amazing! I will definitely be trying them out soon.

  5. Sarah
    / 3:41 PM

    Oreo Candy Bars are a thing? How did I not know that? Our household loves Oreos and candy. I will definitely have to check our Walmart to see if they have these candy bars in stock.

  6. ricci
    / 6:58 PM

    I am Oreo obsessed!! I need to try one of these bars ASAP!!

  7. / 10:25 PM

    They have a chocolate bar? I’ve got to try this. My family is a huge fan of Oreo cookies.

  8. Victoria Heckstall
    / 10:45 PM

    I never seen this before. I’m gonna check this out.

  9. rika
    / 11:20 AM

    I have never seen this Oreo bar.. I love Oreo, a great snack for movie night! I can’t stop eating them.

  10. / 7:18 PM

    Ooh wow this looks so good! I am now going to crave it until I try it! So yummy looking, need it in my life!

  11. / 6:39 AM

    my fave cookie + delicious candy bar = sweet heaven. I can’t wait to try this out. Delicious

  12. Kleber
    / 8:58 AM

    Delicious! I love Oreo

  13. / 6:57 PM

    I love a good oreo. Although I’m not much of a chocolate lover I’m curious about these. I would totally give them a try.

  14. / 10:28 AM

    I have been trying to catch this online! Well we don’t have this variant in our country yet, but we have online sellers that send this from US to PH! and it looks really delicious! Hope to a hold on this soon! 😀

  15. Shannon Gurnee
    / 11:26 AM

    I’ve seen these around, but haven’t tried them yet. I bet our kids would love them!

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