Out on the Town: 5 Best Date Night Cities

Time to woo your special someone? Wherever you live, you’re bound to be able to plan a great night out, but some cities are more suited for romance than others. Where can you go when you want an unforgettable date in an unforgettable setting?

5 best date night cities

Honolulu, Hawaii

The very word “Hawaii” sparks ideas of picturesque sunsets and breathtaking landscapes, but Hawaii’s capital has even more to offer to couples looking for that perfect evening. If you’re downtown, you can head to the First Hawaiian Center and take in some beautiful art before you hop in the glass elevator and get a whole new perspective on the city.

If you’re in the mood for some entertainment, head to one of Oahu’s flavorful local theaters and watch a live show.

Seattle, Washington

For a fantastic date in Seattle, head to the waterfront. There, not only will you catch gorgeous views of the bay and the distant mountains, you’ll also have plenty to do. Browse through Pike Place Market and get something delicious and cheap to eat. Or spend a little more money and enjoy a romantic meal at a place like IL Bistro. After dinner, go for a ride on the Great Wheel, a Ferris wheel that is 175 feet tall.

New York, New York

New York has something for every kind of couple. If art is your thing, catch a Broadway show or take in the wonders of a museum. Like nature? Head to Central Park or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Even in midtown Manhattan, you can find a couple of beautiful manmade waterfalls where you can enjoy the relaxing music of moving water. In the mood for some excitement? Head to a nightclub like the wild Finale, or get with the Bulgarian vibe at Mehanata.

Atlanta, Georgia

Go to Atlanta to experience the warm glow of Southern hospitality. The Atlanta Botanical Garden comprises more than 30 acres of outdoor beauty and contains gorgeous plant life and artful sculptures. You’ll even find a canopy walk that lets you get an overhead view of the garden.

After your stroll in the garden, go to the Four Seasons Atlanta, a five-diamond, five-star hotel with a fabulous restaurant. Sure, it might cost you some money, but it will make for an evening of romantic luxury that neither you nor your date will soon forget.

Boulder, Colorado

Not only is Boulder one of the best places to live, it is also one of the most romantic. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park, where the mountain lakes and wildlife will have both of you reaching for your cameras. Go hiking and engage in fascinating conversations as you enjoy all that nature has to offer. If you would rather stay indoors, go dine on a fine meal at Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, an ornate restaurant where they serve mouth-watering Persian dishes.

Whether you are fresh on the dating scene or you just like to take your loved one out for a special evening once in a while, planning an ideal evening out is often challenging. It is easier, however, if you live in a city that is suited for great dates.


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    My husband and I love a good date night when we travel. Atlanta and New York definitely has something for every couple on a date night to enjoy. I’ve never been to Seattle, Boulder or Honolulu so I’ll keep in mind the places you’ve mentioned when we visit.
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