Baby update, it’s been 3 months already!

Wow, where has the time gone? I never expected to be updating this blog as frequently as I had been updating it since having my little one but now I feel like I have no time to myself at all when I’m the one who stays home with her.

So, since she just woke up from her 15 min catnap, I’ll make this quick.

Things are going better with breastfeeding, thank god. I’ll be doing a post on that in the near future if my husband can watch her long enough without coming to me saying she’s hungry cause she’s fussy. 😉

She’s now 3 months old and so BIG. She’s as tall as her cousins who are 4 and 2 months older than her. It’s kind of scary. I get asked how old she is all the time and they assume 5 or 6 months, and I’m like nope, she’s only 3, but this was when she was 2 months. lol




She’s happy and healthy and I love her to pieces, even if she doesn’t let me do anything besides take care of her all day. 😉


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