7 Must-Have Essentials for Toddler Sick Days!

7 Must-Have Essentials for Toddler Sick Days!



I feel like I am actually prepared for the winter flu and cold season and finally figured out a way to keep it to a minimum.

My daughter doesn’t get sick too often because she’s not in a daycare or preschool yet, but since her cousins are school age, they always seem to be sick, which in turn gets Arya sick about 70% of the time we come into contact.

She actually just caught the flu bug a few days ago from the cousins, so I’ve been dealing with trying to keep the sickness at bay. Luckily, I was already prepared since I stocked up on Kleenex essentials at Walmart.com.

The ordering process was simple, just head on over to Walmart, add the kleenex to your cart and select in-store pickup or 2-day shipping to home.

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Amazing Essential Oil Roller Blend for The Winter Moody Blues

Amazing Essential Oil Roller Blend for The Winter Moody Blues

Winter blues is no joke. Most people develop mood disorders in late fall and winter months, which often leads to depression.

I’ve just started taking an interest in essential oils last year and I’m finally getting around to buying and using some in more recipes because I like a more holistic approach when it comes to health and well-being.

Because of the lack of sunlight (hello daylight “pointless” saving time..), the end of the year stress from Etsy, and my cat dying, I decided I should make an essential oil rollerball blend to get me out of my moody blues funk.

How to make an amazing & uplifting essential oil rollerball blend for the winter moody blues

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Why I Declined the Vitamin K Shot at Birth

Why I Declined the Vitamin K Shot at Birth

This is one of those controversial posts no one likes to talk about but I think it’s important. Everyone wants to believe that their doctors have their best intentions when it comes to their child’s health and well-being. But, that doesn’t always mean they’ve done the research to the best of their knowledge. Now that I have a child, I am constantly researching and trying to make the best choices for me and my family.

I knew when I gave birth to my daughter that I was going to decline the Vitamin K shot because it’s 20,000 times more than what babies need and it can cause all sorts of problems for infections to occur. I got a shit ton of flack by the nurses when I told them I wasn’t doing the vitamin k shot, and they were acting like I was committing child abuse. I finally had to tell them I would do the oral vitamin k shot with our pediatrician. And they said, by the time I visit the pediatrician (because they don’t do the oral vitamin k at the hospital), she would no longer need it. Well, then I guess she is going without. Yes, I believe there may be instances where a newborn may need it if there are bleeding issues, but my daughter was completely healthy and normal with no visible signs of trauma after coming out of the birth canal. My mind may have changed IF there were issues, but there were not. I also believe the body is capable of doing what God intended it to do. The body is a powerful thing that can heal itself.

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5 Ways to Help Your Cat With Asthma

*I received the medicine in exchange for my honest opinion. I had used this medicine prior to receiving it for review”

My cat hasn’t always had asthma, but it seemed to appear the older she got and the more weight she gained. She’s 15 and about 16 lbs which is heavy for a cat her size.

My cat started having coughing fits about 4 years ago, which I was clueless about. It wasn’t her typical hairball hacking or her gorge on food then throwing it up head movement that I was used to. These seemed to last longer and sounded raspy. I found videos on YouTube of people videoing their cats who had asthma, which sounded and looked identical to what my Yasmine was going through.

I ended up taking her to the vet and explained the symptoms. He checked everything out and she looked and sounded fine. But, they wanted to do this expensive x-ray imaging which I kindly denied. I told them I preferred her to get a steroid shot because I am pretty sure it was cat asthma and that’s what they use to calm the inflammation down.

It took a couple days for the asthmatic attacks to calm down, but I researched and researched until I finally came up with a plan…

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My D&C Experience: For a Miscarriage at 10 Weeks

The main goal of treatment during or after a miscarriage is to prevent hemorrhaging and/or infection. The earlier you are in your pregnancy, the more likely your body will expel all the fetal tissue but 10 weeks and on is not recommended to do naturally according to my doctor.

Let me just say, the D&C was the best option for me mentally and physically. There’s no way I’d be okay birthing my dead baby at home.

My surgery was set up for noon on Friday, March 24th, 2017.

That dreaded day had come…

I arrive at the surgery center at 10:30 am to check-in. They call me back, get me undressed and in bed right away. Take my vitals and plug a fluid IV in me. At least this nurse knew how to work with veins, unlike the one I had when I was giving birth to my first who ended up blowing my veins out with her unnecessary prodding.

Then my husband and daughter get to come back into the curtain room with me and visit before I go in. Even though it was a few hours, I needed her there to give her love and kisses beforehand.

Honestly, I freaked myself out more than I should have worrying about anesthesia, but for this procedure, they can give you as little or as much as you’d like and I opted for light twilight. Essentially I was still asleep and don’t remember anything but you come out of it feeling less groggy and not nauseous. The last thing I needed on top of my worries was to feel more sick to my stomach.

The anesthesiologist was kind of funny, so he lightened the mood a bit. I explained my concerns about anesthesia and how I wanted to not be in a deep, deep sleep.  I told him I was nervous about it so he ended up bringing me anxiety meds for my IV, which made me feel calmer and better about the procedure.

I had about a half an hour to go…

Dr. then came in and introduced himself and then the nurse came back and started wheeling me to the operating room.

They switched me to a different bed and then put an oxygen mask on me and then about a minute later, I was asleep because that’s all I remember.

I didn’t wake up during the procedure, nor did I hear them talking and I didn’t feel anything. I woke up shortly after they were finished with them trying to put mesh panties on me.

From the time I went in, to the time I got wheeled out, it was about 40 minutes.

I immediately felt light period type cramping and had light bleeding which is to be expected.

The Dr. came out and told me everything went well and was sorry we had to meet under such circumstances. He’s not my normal Dr. but he is a decent one around here. I checked out reviews beforehand and everyone loves him. Definitely look into Dr. James Calvert if you’re in the area and need an OB/GYN.

Also, I wanted to state that they never did another ultrasound, so make sure if you’re still feeling uneasy about the results you received to get another one. It may end up making the pain more real but at least you now know and can have a peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing and won’t be lingering with “what if”.

I hope everyone who has gone through this heals both mentally and physically and goes on to have happy, healthy babies.

Now I need some much-needed rest because this has me all kinds of exhausted.