Mother’s Day Gift Ideas While Quarantined

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas While Quarantined

If you’ve been quarantined inside the house for the last month, the least of your worries are probably celebrating Mother’s Day. But if perchance you want to celebrate while in lockdown, here are some items that would surely put a smile on any mother’s face during these stressful times. I know my mom would appreciate most of these since she lives alone nowadays.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas While Quarantined

1.) I don’t know about you, but cooking every single meal every single day gets tiresome. Thankfully, there are still restaurants open that deliver through 3rd party sites like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. Sending food over to mom’s house would be a wonderful surprise, especially if you know her faves! And if you can’t remember, then sending a digital gift card is easy too!


2.) Send a pretty bouquet of flowers over to moms. Delivery services like FTD, From You Flowers, Urban Flowers, 1800 Flowers have a wide variety of fresh bouquets at different price points that should fit anyone’s budget.


3.) With the current state of affairs, everything is a little stressful and we all need a little something to calm our nerves and help us relax while anxiety and fear are high. That’s why I ordered my mom one of these lavender spa baskets off of Etsy.


4.) Snacks are beneficial at this time, so maybe a nice food basket from Harry and David would suffice. They have everything from wine, cheese, meats, crackers, chocolate, popcorn, and even premade meals!


5.) Send her a raised garden bed if she has space. There’s not a better time to start growing your own vegetables and fruits especially with the concern of a food shortage.

6.) Send a card or a cute little hand made picture from the grandkids.


7.) If you haven’t spoken or seen each other in a while, call her up and do a video chat. We need to do this ourselves on my husband’s side since we haven’t seen them in what seems like ages. Okay, maybe more like 3 months or so.


8.) Perhaps she loves to read and can use a new book or 5. Get her a book subscription where she can read the newest and best books! What’s even better? You can join for $9.99, too.

There are obviously a million ideas, but these are the ones that come to mind as being thoughtful yet practical while we’re all quarantined at home. If you have any other ideas, be sure to leave a comment!


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  1. Chard Kim
    / 9:42 AM

    For my mom, I made a cake and had it dropped off at her home. I wish I had seen this sooner though. My mom loves gardening and would’ve loved the raised garden bed. She would’ve also adored a spa basket or a book subscription. Maybe I should send her one of these for her birthday which is on this month!

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