Walmart Makes Planning a Party for the Holidays Easier!

Walmart Makes Planning a Party for the Holidays Easier!


The holidays are a stressful time of year for just about everyone. Anytime someone comes over, I always want to make sure my house is looking presentable, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to run to the store to pick up the household essentials, so I save a little time by ordering from and selecting store pick up and/or ship to home. Now that the holidays are here… traffic is insane, lines are long, and I just want to avoid the chaos of it all!

Time is precious, and we don’t get nearly enough of it every day. Am I right!? Between picking up after a toddler (which is a constant battle), running the house, having an Etsy shop and a blog, I am pooped after the day and don’t want to do much of anything after let alone leave the house to shop!

You can also save money by downloading the iBotta app and scanning your receipt after purchasing these household essential items from Walmart: (However, they do not do approve online scanned receipts unless specified thru the app)

So as you can see, the holidays or any time of year doesn’t have to be stressful. Take a few seconds and order all of your household needs online at Walmart so that you don’t have to worry about getting to the store every day for one thing here and there.


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