Wee Blessings Clothing Box

Wee Blessings Clothing Box
I recieved a complimentary wee blessing clothing box in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products and companies i believe in.

With 2 little ones now, getting out and about to shop is not an easy task. It takes me about an hour just to get ready to leave with 2 kids in tow and that’s just getting them dressed, diaper bag packed, hair fixed and all buckled up in the car seats. That’s why shopping online is convenient for busy parents like me; and the best part is, you won’t feel like you just ran a half marathon doing so.

Subscription boxes like Wee Blessing make clothes shopping simple. Create an online profile with your child’s size, interests and likes in styles and they will go to the store and pick out 4 outfits for your wee blessing clothing box.

And if you don’t end up liking something, you can send it back and you won’t be charged for it. Whatever you do keep comes at a 40-60% discount from MSRP, which makes it super affordable and convenient.

Outfit 1:

Cute pineapple dress. Although, it was sent in a size smaller than what I requested so it’s a bit snug around her chest which makes it hard to get on and off. I can always pass it down to her little cousins when I can no longer get it on her though.

Outfit 2:

Osh Kosh butterfly flutter sleeve top detailed in glitter and matching navy blue pants.

Outfit 3:

Arya’s favorite Disney character (which I added on her style profile) is Ariel, they picked out a matching dolly and me nightgown with Ariel, which she was super ecstatic about. I must say, it was pretty cute to see her and her dolly matching like twinsies at bedtime.

Outfit 4:

Lastly, they sent a pretty flowered romper, which is perfect for summertime!

But, the best part is, they don’t just cater to children. You can subscribe to boxes for the whole family, which even includes maternity wear! How cool is that!? And if you decide to keep all 4 outfits, you will receive an extra 10% off!

I love Wee Blessing and find it to be the perfect solution for busy parents everywhere!

Want to check out Wee Blessing for your family? Use the coupon code momlifeinpnw and receive 20% off of your first blessing!


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