Learning the Tricks of Etsy and Getting Sales

Around March, my Etsy shop finally decided to take off and I currently have 90 sales under my belt. Now I know to the big Etsy sellers, my measly 90 sales over at my Make it Cute shop is nothing, but to me it’s a huge milestone.

I’ve worked my butt off trying to fix my listing titles, tags, descriptions, seo, etc. Basically, it’s like another blog, and requires constant effort.

Most people think you just list a few things on Etsy and you’ll get sales; Wrong!

Things I’ve learned about the algorithm of Etsy

learning the tricks of etsy



Titles need to be filled to the max with keywords of your item. I separate them with a hyphen or a comma, then paste them into the tag section (use all 13 tags).

Keywords also need to be more than one word. Be descriptive. Think of what you’d be searching for to find your item.

Your keywords also need to be implemented into your description. The part where you describe the process and detailing of your item.

Great Photos

It also helps to have clear photos that stand out and catch the eye. I am still working on this part since it’s hard to do great pics in Sunlight and/or inside the house. I am contemplating on building a light box or even purchasing a cheapo one from Amazon to use with both my phone and dslr camera in hopes that it will make my photos more enticing and in turn generate more sales.

Having your item staged with something next to it to give a size comparison is also good. Shows the buyer just how big your item is comparatively.



I have heard that filling out your profile and policies 100% leads to more views. Regardless of views, you’ll want to do this so you are backed by your shop policies if something were to go awry.

Social Media

You’ll want to build a social media following specifically for your Etsy business. I mainly like Instagram as I get way more interaction there than on Facebook. Probably because the Facebook pages only show to a small percentage amount to your followers. Don’t sign up for the business instagram account. They could eventually show you less and less like Facebook since they were bought out by Facebook.

Establish a following on whatever social media sites you prefer, use relative hash tags for your product and watch the likes, comments and follows come in. (Especially on Instagram)

Introduce new products on social media first that way you get them interested enough, they’ll be waiting for you to list it on Etsy. Announce sales with coupon codes, flash sales, giveaways, whatever to get a little online traffic.

Click on the relative hash tags that you’ve used in your posts and go heart a few of the people’s photos who have used the same hash tag. It gets them over to your profile and can lead to a possible sale. For instance, I use the hash tag #idrinkandiknowthings from #gameofthrones since I have made a mug and tumbler with that quote. Then I go heart peoples public posts.

It’s my number 1 seller so far!

There are plenty more tips, so maybe I’ll do a second edition post as I learn more tricks of the trade.

Do you have any tips for Etsy sellers whether you’re a buyer or a seller?


My Etsy Shop if you’d like to take a Peek at more of my items.

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13 comments on “Learning the Tricks of Etsy and Getting Sales

  1. I love shopping on Etsy. Clear pictures are so important when I am shopping! I like to really know what I am buying.

  2. That’s great! I did Etsy for a very short time when I was making and selling cloth diapers. My kids are all grown and Etsy has changed a lot since then. I’m glad you are becoming successful at it. It does take work.

    1. Thats awesome you had your own shop too. It does take work and I imagine more so to make cloth diapers. My sister would have loved your shop! Lol

  3. Building good keywords and spreading the news on social media seem like the best takeaways for me personally–always good to read up on how to boost more sales online!

  4. These are indeed great tricks of Etsy and getting the sales. It is so important to have great photos when selling anything. I believe that the photos will make or brake a sell. Thanks for the tips.

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