Ozeri 3-Piece Pan Set Review

Ozeri 3-Piece Pan Set Review

When my husband and I got married in October of 2012, we never officially had a wedding wedding or a reception because we ran off to Vegas with a couple friends a couple weeks after he proposed. I didn’t feel right having a reception since we didn’t have a ceremony with our friends and family, so basically we didn’t get any gifts or things we might need to start our adventure together. But he had some miscellaneous pans from a previous marriage, which we kept and made work, but I hate them because everything sticks to them, which in turn makes me loathe cooking.

I had reviewed one of their 8 inch pans previously, so I knew I’d love the 3-pack in 8, 10 and 12″ sizes.

When I recieved Ozeri 3-Piece pan set, they were different than the previous pan, as in they had a divot grooved bottom and the other pan was smooth. The only difference I find when cooking with the grooved bottom is that eggs tend to stick. They’re supposed to be nonstick but eggs don’t do well in them.


Cooking hashbrowns is tricky because they slide all over the place when trying to flip. You’ll need a wide spatula for these non stick pans. Bacon turned out evenly cooked and didn’t stick either.



I do like these pans despite the egg sticking issue. They’re nice and heavy duty, and even after using them for over a month, none of the coating has came off, even after using a sponge scrubby and going through the dishwasher.

I also like that they come with cloth insert protectors for when you stack them inside each other to help protect the inner coating. Nice feature that I haven’t seen with any other pan set, not even high priced sets.

Thanks ozeri for yet another great product.


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