Rockabye Plush Rockers: A Great 1st Birthday Gift

Rockabye Plush Rockers: A Great 1st Birthday Gift

“This post is brought to you by Rockabye Plush Rockers. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.”

I remember as a child having one of those wood rocking horses that hurt your bum if you sat on it for too long. But, boy oh boy were they fun! This new modern day Rockabye Plush Rockers have a little more cushion to make your wee one as comfortable as possible.

I was actually surprised at how heavy duty and durable these Rockabye rockers are. They are heavy and solid, unlike the rocking horse my mom got for my daughter last year at TJMaxx.

And how cute are my daughter and niece on the Petals the fawn and the bitsy bird rocker? I have never seen such cute rocking animals; it’s usually just your basic horse or zoo animals, but Rockabye has unique rockers for every child to love. There’s owls, dragons, unicorns, firetrucks, butterflies, trains, plains, motorcycles, pirate ships, kangaroos, turtles and so much more! They’re all adorable, it was pretty hard just choosing 2!

I love how detailed Bitsy Bird is with its cute little birdhouse backing on the seat to make it feel more like a chair for little ones who can’t really support themselves that great yet, and a crinkly pouch inside the door where itsy bitsy bird comes out.

Rockabye Rockers Play Music

All of their rockers have 4 stitched buttons on the back of the rockers heads or dashboard of the vehicles that activate original songs that teach ABC’s, 1-10, colors, shapes and more. The songs to me are a little cheesy and outdated, but my daughter really likes them when she’s rocking on the rockers. Luckily, there is a battery pack where you can disable the sound (or change the batteries) if these songs end up driving you nuts. LOL

I feel like the Rockabye plush rockers that have the backing of a seat are more for the 9 month age group since those rockers are a little smaller it seems. As you can see from the photos, my 23-month-old daughter and 17-month-old niece both fit in bitsy the bird, but I do notice when my tall toddler is on her, the birdhouse backing kind of bends to the side. It doesn’t end up staying like that and will go back to its original shape; that’s just my reasoning for the 9-month-old and up use.

I must say though, my daughter is practically the size of a 3 or 4-year-old. People are shocked when I tell them she’s not even 2 yet. Next month she will be!

The Rockabye plush rockers are made of high-quality North American maple hardwood, which is handcrafted and put together in their USA factory. Fabric skins and music boxes are sourced from China.

The rockers average 24”L x 12”W x 17”H in their shipping box, so the actual size is slightly smaller than that to fit in their box.

Rockabye rockers are built to last decades, not just years. They are sponge washable and easy to maintain.

I feel like the handles for little hands to hold onto could be a little longer, but other than that, we love our Rockabye Rockers and will get many years of use out of them by passing them down to nieces, and/or perhaps future children.

Go check them out, they’re adorable!




  1. robin Rue
    / 2:23 AM

    Those are just too cute. My nephew will be one in a few months and I totally want to get him one of these.

  2. / 2:58 AM

    These little rockers are so plush and adorable! I like that it plays music and teaches the ABC’s. I also love that the music can be disabled. So cute!

  3. candy
    / 5:38 AM

    These rockers are really cute and adorable. Really drawn to the adorable bird rocker. Looks like they could use them for several years. I would have like some prices.
    candy recently posted…Brownie Black BeanMy Profile

  4. / 7:07 AM

    Aww, those are adorable rockers! And since they’re plush, they must be so much softer than the olden days wooden styles.
    Katie Kinsley recently posted…FRIDAY FIVE | 11My Profile

  5. / 8:18 AM

    Oh my gosh these are darling! I have a nephew and a niece that are at the perfect age for this. This would be a fun gift to give them for their birthday.
    Jeanette recently posted…Do-It-Yourself Wooden Tea CoastersMy Profile

  6. Jacqui S
    / 10:31 AM

    OMG! These are way too adorable. I have a niece who is 2 next month. May have to look into them!

  7. Rebecca Swenor
    / 2:24 PM

    These Rockabye Plush Rockers are indeed a great first birthday gift idea. They are adorable and look more safe than the old wooden rockers from years ago. I will have to share this post with my niece and nephew for their little ones. Thanks for sharing this awesome gift idea.

  8. / 3:47 PM

    I would love to get one of those for my grandson. I am sure he’ll love it. For one day. And then the following day, he will try and find out what makes it work. For a 15 month old, he is a handful! But I’d still get one for him though. I just have to keep a close eye on him. 🙂

  9. / 4:01 PM

    Too cute! My almost-two-year-old nephew would absolutely adore these! His birthday is coming up, I might look into these.

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy
    / 4:22 PM

    We have a few of these at home. The kids love them! They are such high quality toys! Great gift idea.

  11. Pam
    / 5:24 PM

    These are the cutest rockers I think I have ever seen. My granddaughter has two rockers already but this makes me think she may need another….

  12. My Teen Guide
    / 9:03 PM

    Rockabye Plush Rockers are amazing quality, comfortable, safe and fun.

  13. Ali Rost
    / 10:41 PM

    How fun are these?! I remember when my kids were little .. we had rockers too. They played with them for hours it seemed.

  14. / 2:53 AM

    Now that looks like so much fun for the little ones! I love the color theme of the bedroom!

  15. / 2:03 PM

    When I was little I remember having a rocking horse. It was my favorite thing in the world. These remind me of that. A great gift for little kids.

  16. Bonnie G
    / 5:50 PM

    Oh my gosh! Those are way too cute! I wish those were around when my kiddos were younger.

  17. / 4:53 AM

    Hello Jenn, I love this blog. This is really helpful for my baby. All opinions are very true. I like your blog. I want same horse cart for my baby. Your daughters are looking so cute. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic blog.

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