28 Weeks Pregnant Update

I know in the beginning I complained a lot about being nauseous, I really really hate feeling nauseous. To me, I’d rather puke and just get it over with than feel like I’m going to puke all day long. But I have had a relatively easy pregnancy thus far and I am grateful for that because others aren’t as lucky.


How far along? 28 weeks +1 day today! Baby girl is the size of a large eggplant.

Weight gain?  My weight has been fluctuating. I think she is sucking the calories out of me. But it’s anywhere from 10 -13lb gain so far.

Belly button? In still but I think I was wrong and it’s going to pop out.

Wedding rings on or off? On, haven’t experienced the swelling yet, but I imagine that will kick in as I get further along.

Movement? I feel like I am carrying a baby ninja. Maybe she’ll take after her father and do jiu jitsu.

Maternity clothes? I’m able to wear a pair of my normal jeans cause they’re stretchy, but the maternity ones I bought are much more comfortable since my belly is starting to bulge.

Symptoms? Feeling? I’m feeling dead tired again. I think I may be slightly anemic since my iron levels are just a tad below normal. I hate taking my prenatals though since they make me so constipated. Worst constipation EVER! yes, TMI I know.

Mood? I haven’t really been moody. Not sure what all of the pregnancy mood swing hormones are all about that people talk about but I haven’t experienced it. I did cry a couple times at weird things and random times, but other than that, normal.

Missing? Sleeping comfortably, having an alcoholic beverage, going out without feeling like a Debbie downer. lol I did put the memory foam mattress topper back on the bed so that helped with my body going numb. I can now sleep soundly without tossing and turning every half hour cause of pain.

Looking forward to? Meeting her, and hoping I have a comfortable yet easy labor and delivery. Haha who am I kidding…

Sleep?  Much better after putting the memory foam topper back on the bed.

Exercise? No, although I should probably get a walk in every day.

Any cravings? Spicy and sweet things, but that’s normal for me.

Food aversions? Still none. Never really had any food aversions so far at least. Smells haven’t bothered me and taste hasn’t really bothered me, but sometimes nothing sounds good but of course I eat anyways. Toothpaste, however, makes me gag and that’s the only times I’ve thrown up so far.


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