Day 4: Don’t Eat at Villa Italia Restaurante in Mazatlan

Today was another day of sitting at the beach after we had breakfast at a decent, not perfect, but decent little spot called Mary’s. I wanted to get in as much beach time as possible because we don’t get the luxuries of warm weather and warm water here in the Pacific Northwest.

And no, the previous days pushy sellers didn’t interfere with my decision either. I basically put my sunglasses on my face, laid my chair back and acted like I was sleeping when they passed by. They usually just walked on without bothering me.

So nothing too exciting happened today other than just relaxing.

After we had enough sun and salty water, we went back to the hotel, changed and waited around until it was dinner time. We didn’t have any ideas of where we were going this night so our group decided upon Italian food. Unfortunately, Villa Italia Restaurante ended up being a bad decision. The place had a lot of business inside, mostly tourists, so we assumed if they were all here, it must be okay. Nope, wrong! All of the dishes we had sucked, lacked flavor and were most likely made with pasta-roni or hamburger helper prepackaged boxes of crap! I had salmon lasagna just because I was curious. They seem to use the same sauce you get in a tuna helper. TUNA FREAKING CASSEROLE, seriously? It didn’t taste like salmon at all. My husbands chicken fettuccine had no flavor at all. I mean, I know this is not Italy, but you would expect the food to taste somewhat like Italian right and not bland nothingness? I guess we should have ordered a pizza, it may have been the safer option.

Just remember, if you’re in Mazatlan, avoid Villa Italia Restaurante like the plague… unless you have no taste buds!

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