We’ve Survived 1 Year of Marriage!

We’ve Survived 1 Year of Marriage!

Holy hell, it’s been a year already? Well, technically a year and 26 days. We kind of celebrated more when we were in Vegas at the beginning of October since our anniversary was the 26th of October, but we did end up going to Seaside Oregon to spend the night together since we hadn’t been there in a while. It was okay but we’re so spoiled from the hotel luxuries in Vegas that it was kind of a disappointment when we arrived at the hotel. We felt like we were living in a jail cell that evening. I was expecting big bubba to come out of the bathroom at any moment!

And yes, it looks like I have giant man hands in the above picture that we took in the sand with our rings, but I assure you my hands are not bigger. Wait, who am I trying to fool? Screw it. I have big hands, that’s because my husband and I are the same height. You ever see a tall woman with tiny hands? Don’t think so!

Even though we didn’t enjoy our room, we did enjoy our nice and romantic dinner at Maggie’s on the Prom, the walk along the promenade, our brisk, cold moment on the beach, my ice cream I’m stuffing down my face, and our shop hopping which led us to a mechanical shark! I mean it is the beach after all. One wouldn’t expect to see a bull there unless it was a bull shark of course. 😉

We had fun, even though it may not show on my husbands face. He was mean muggin’ the camera the whole time. Usually, he’s all smiles, but I guess that’s when he’s drunk.

Here’s to many more years with the love of my life. Can’t wait to see what it’s in store for us after this wonderful year we’ve had of marriage and almost 8 years of being together!


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