Holy Shit, I’m Married!?

“Good things come to those who wait”

Never in a million years did I think my boyfriend would actually propose, let alone want to get married just from the discussions we’ve had on it. We were not on the same page relationship wise until 6 months ago when he said something just hit him. I’m not going to question it, because I’m grateful that he finally came around.

In fact, he said this on his Facebook status… “you know once i realized i was ready to marry jenn after the other bad stuff when i was young, i wonder why it took so long. she is amazing and compliments me better then anyone could ever hope for. That is all!”

Left me in complete awe,  because I had been waiting to hear those words for SO LONG. December 9th, it will be 7 years of being together. That’s a long time to be with someone without moving forward in the relationship.

And even though he only gave me 1 1/2 weeks notice to get stuff organized for a wedding at Chapel of the Flowers, I let it slide cause I didn’t want him to completely change his mind if I didn’t go through with it on that Vegas trip. I didn’t want a big wedding at all, so having it there with 2 friends was fine with me. It was beautiful. Besides, they let family view it online, so both of our parents were content with that. I, however, was freaking out about that since I didn’t want everyone to view me looking and being awkward on their webcam. (it was public) I knew he would probably blast it on Facebook, so I told him no before he even got it out of his mouth.  But after all was said and done, it was fine. After you do something you’re nervous about, you always think to yourself, “what was the big deal?” I was so focused on the minister and the ceremony that I didn’t even remember the camera was on. Plus, you have photographers in there snapping your photos while it’s going on, so it was kind of hard not to stare at them going paparazzi on your ass.

I was also stressing about finding a dress in that short amount of time. I first started looking for something more casual, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I did a Google search for wedding dresses and came across David’s Bridal, so the weekend before we left for Vegas, we stopped by there to see what we could find. None of the actual white weddings dresses appealed to me, so I went with a wine colored bridesmaid dress. The only one that fit me perfectly ended up having a hole in the back where the zipper detached, so they hurried up and fixed that up for me before we purchased it. Whew, dress is out of the way!

The Chapel of Flowers was probably one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding in Vegas. It wasn’t run down, and didn’t look cheesy. Hell, I was wanting to do a drive-through wedding and I’m glad my boyfriend talked me out of it. Now I have these beautiful photos to remind me of that special day, where as the drive-through ones just wouldn’t have compared. However, the required tips for absolutely EVERYTHING shouldn’t have been pushed so hard. It makes the experience feel ruined, or tacky. Yes, I get it. You don’t get paid anything besides the tips you make, but you do about 20 weddings a day, so $60 (the recommended amount) x 20 is $1200 a day. Yes, you’re so hurting for cash. I didn’t want my husband (wow, husband, I have a husband!?) to give them the recommended amount, but he did it anyways. Oh well, it was a one time experience that I will absolutely never forget.

We didn’t get a chance to have a real honeymoon, but maybe one of these years I’ll get to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. First, I need to get my name switched over on all documents and accts then get my passport. This is going to be exciting.


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