I Love My Hawks

We’re back from Seattle after watching the Seahawks beat the Panther’s like it was nothing! When we got to the stadium of our section, we’re walking up the multiple stairs and realize hey, we’re at the very back of the stadium. hah. Didn’t realize our seats were so crappy, but that still didn’t stop us from enjoying the game.

#Seahawks playoff game

#Seahawks playoff game

We didn’t get drowned in a torrential downpour like last years playoff game where we ran into sideways rain and wind so that was awesome. You just never know what the weather is going to do since the weatherman are never correct. Was still about 42 degrees that evening but we were bundled up, so all was good. Just slightly cold.

I didn’t get a chance to do anything else like visit the pike place since I’ve never been there, but we didn’t really have too much time if we wanted to make it back to Vancouver at a decent time or the funds really after spending a crap ton just for the game and eating out. Maybe next time.

We were going to attempt to get tickets to the championship game, but apparently there were only 1200 available at Century Link box office only. No online or telephone orders at Ticketmaster. So dumb! If only we could get on the list for season tickets or blue pride, that would be amazing. But unfortunately there’s a many years’ wait list.

Onto the next boys, let’s shred some Packer cheese and do a Superbowl #repete!


Seahawks Are in the Playoffs and We’re Going AGAIN!

Today we’re heading up to Seattle to cheer on our Seattle Seahawks in the play off game against the Panthers. I know we got this game with how well we’ve been playing against teams that are way better. I was honestly shocked we were able to score Seahawks tickets again since it was giving us so much trouble finding any. I refreshed a few times, made sure to select the 300 level section since those ones seem to be the only ones available anyways and found 2! My husband couldn’t get through, so he’s lucky I made it home in time after my dental appointment. Although, technically it would have saved us $348 dollars if I were to miss it. They were definitely cheaper last year, but, I kind of expected them to raise the price after they won the Super Bowl.

This is an evening game on Saturday, so it’s going to be kind of cold (43 degrees) and more than likely rainy. I mean, after all, it is the pacific northwest. I just hope my prego butt stays semi warm and comfortable or I’m going to be all whiny. I also hope I don’t have to deal with drunk idiots like the last playoff game where people were cutting in front me in the bathroom line because they think they’re more entitled to get in there and out. If they make me piss my pants since I can’t hold it for long, I’ll be smacking some drunkies. Hopefully my husband will be standing with me to take care of any nonsense that should arise. Seems like every fan base has their idiot following, I just don’t want to deal with them, especially now that I’m all hormonal.

So if you’re not a Seahawks fan, I am sorry, but we got this in the bag. 😛


Let’s get our 2nd Super Bowl ring back to back boys!

Seahawks Superbowl Party 2014

Did you see that blow out of a game? I don’t think I anticipated that much of a beat down but I am glad it happened the way it did so people can take the Seahawks seriously now. I told you, or my husband told you, that they haven’t played against a real defense so we knew they wouldn’t be able to handle the Seahawks D.

Seahawks Super bowl Party 2014

We had fun though and I could have decorated the house a little bit more but my husband was like don’t we have enough decorations? Hell no! He kept telling everyone I was going overboard, but you might as well go big or go home right? Or at least try to. I could have done some streamers everywhere and had balloons, maybe even painted the walls blue, but this was mellow for me.

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Seahawks Are Going to the Superbowl

seahawks superbowl

Since we went to the Seahawks first play off game, we tried to get tickets to the playoff championship game but didn’t take into account that it would double in price because IT WAS THE championships. Plus, there weren’t any seats available for 2, so we said screw it as we didn’t feel like paying about $500 to sit in the nosebleeds anyways. Under $200 was fine, but anymore than that and it’s pushing it. It would have been a great game to be at since the 49ers are our rivals, but we got to enjoy it in the comfort of our own home with a few friends.

Last weeks game was fun, but it was during a storm, so I was cold, wet and irritated by drunk, annoying fans. You never realize how annoying drunk people are until you’re the sober one having to deal with their attention whore antics. I don’t get why people want to get drunk at a game so they don’t know what’s going on anyways. It’s fine to have a few beers but don’t get so blitzed that you’re annoying everyone around you.

During halftime, I had to go pee with the masses. I was standing in line talking to my husband and then these 2 old drunk bitches shove me and cut in line. I glared and said “OOOKAAAYYYY”. Then they were being loud and annoying wondering why people were giving them dirty looks. Hmm, I wonder.

Then at one point I hear this yodeling in the stands and I look over to see who it is since they’re doing it nonstop and it’s the same annoying ass drunk lady. It was fine there, but she had already pissed me off in the bathroom so anything coming out of her mouth makes me want to gouge my ears out. One of them was even a school teacher. (she went off on this weird story that I didn’t care to listen to but nodded to anyways) Needless to say, it makes me want to home school.

But the point is not that some fans are douche nozzles in any teams fan base, but that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl and will win against the Broncos since this will be the first time that they play against a team that has a real defense (according to my husband). Like I pay attention to any other games that doesn’t involve the Seahawks.

And it’s time to move off from the Sherman is so classless media hype. It’s like beating a dead horse. You sensitive folk can whine about his words all you want, I just can’t wait until his audio gets released since he was mic’d up for the game, then all of you thin-skinned ninny’s can eat it.


The NFC Goes Through Us!

The NFC Goes Through Us!
My husband was able to score us Seahawks Playoff tickets somehow on December 31st at exactly 10 am. Every time I searched on my computer, it came up with 0 results so he tried it on his PC and miraculously we got seats. Not very good seats I might add, but I could care less since we’re in the playoffs! It’s going to be good either way. Then this last Saturday we got the news we would be playing my husbands other favorite team (His dad is from Louisiana). Now don’t me wrong, Seahawks will always trump the saints in this house, so no worries there fellow 12s.

We’re heading up to Seattle tonight to stay with friends since they have a house up there. Thank goodness for that or we’d be forking up a fortune for a hotel I’d imagine. 
I can’t wait to be with my fellow 12s in the city of Seattle who are the craziest, best fans in the world!

We got this.