Make Washing Laundry Easier With the LG Twin Wash System

Make Washing Laundry Easier With the LG Twin Wash System


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.

Last month, our dishwasher decided to kick buckets and stop running. That was okay because I loathed it anyways since it didn’t clean our dishes well enough to my liking. So we went out to find a better one at Best Buy since we’re Elite Plus card members. We ended up deciding on the LG top control dishwasher with Quadwash since it had the option of black stainless steel as a finish and had good reviews. So far it’s been GREAT! Takes a little longer to clean and dry the dishes but it’s an easy trade-off for me to have perfectly clean dishes without having to scrub them all beforehand.

Then a week after we bought our dishwasher, the washer decided to stop draining water and quit running after 5 minutes. We thought we could fix it on our own by ordering a couple of parts, but it still didn’t want to work correctly, so we were off to Best Buy again! We ended up picking out a Samsung washer, but I wish we would have waited and done this special offer with Best Buy for the LG Twin Wash System, but unfortunately, we needed a washer right away!

Best Buy Special Offer

Through April 24th, you can save up to $500 off an LG laundry solution for your home.

I love the LG Twin Wash System since you get the best of both worlds. I like washing our laundry separately, like one load of my daughter’s clothes, one load of our clothes and one load of towels/sheets, etc. Well, sometimes we don’t have enough to fill up the larger washer, which I feel is a waste of water. The LG SideKick Pedastal washer allows you to do just that; a smaller load. You can even use it simultaneously. Do a larger load of laundry in the LG front load washer and a smaller load in the pedestal.

The LG Twin Wash System makes washing easier and fun. I hate doing laundry so my husband does it mainly, but having a new washing system that makes my job easier actually makes me want to do laundry. I can fit so much more in the washer than our previous washer that it cuts down on loads all the while being energy efficient.

So if you’re in the market for a new set, go to Best Buy and check out the LG Twin Wash System while you can save up to $500!



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