Glamping With Kids at the Getaway.House on Mount Adams

Glamping With Kids at the Getaway.House on Mount Adams

“I had the privilege of being hosted by Getaway House. All opinions are my own. “

I knew during the summer that I didn’t want to do normal tent camping with 2 small kids because air mattresses aren’t really ideal for me nor is sleeping on the ground. I am constantly being woken up by my 1-year-old through the night already; add tossing and turning into the mix because the air mattress is uncomfortable and I get a nightmare that I didn’t want to endure.

So I decided to look into cabins and stumbled upon the which had “tiny home” options that were about a 2-hour drive from Portland. This specific location is near Mount Adams in Glenwood, WA and it was just the perfect environment to escape from everyday city life, so I knew we needed to stay a couple of nights to get some “glamping” in.


When the time arrived for our stay, it decided to rain buckets on our drive up, so I was super bummed it was going to ruin some of our plans. Luckily, it didn’t rain too horribly once we got to the mountain, so we were able to spend some time outdoors exploring the area, grilling some food, and doing a little fishing with our 4-year-old, which would be her first real fishing trip with her very own fishing pole.

We get to our and see our tiny home named Patricia. There were 4 lounge chairs, an enclosed fire pit with a grill grate, a picnic table and a small tabletop gas grill for our getaway. There was a fire ban for the area so we weren’t able to advantage of having a campfire and roasting marshmallows, but we were able to make it work without. It was just a bummer, but I can understand the need to prevent a forest fire since the Gorge went up in flames a couple of years ago due to negligent teens.


We noticed that this was mostly set up like normal campgrounds as in there are multiple tiny cabins in the area, with what looked like plans to add more on the other side of where we were located, but the other campers are far enough away here that you still get total privacy.

Even though the is about 160 sq ft, it had plenty of room for our family of 4 in the 2-bed configuration, which is stacked like bunk beds, except you don’t hit your head when you try to sit up. lol


They also have a few basic food items inside that you can purchase if you happen to not bring along a bunch of food, or you can drive a couple of minutes to the local towns small store and purchase goods there. We ended up packing our medium-sized cooler “because kids” and had our meals planned out for our 2-nights stay. There is an electric 2 burner stove and enough space on the counter to prep meals and wash dishes and even a small mini-fridge which was great for things that wouldn’t do great sitting in the cooler. You also don’t really need to pack any paper plates or utensils, nor any pots or pans, they provide all of that plus a few extras, like basic seasoning (pepper and salt), olive oil, a small propane tank for the gas grill, paper towels, etc. There’s also a tiny bathroom with a toilet and a shower with an ample amount of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so it’s really like home away from home.

There is no Wifi since that would defeat the purpose of escaping. In fact, there is a cell phone lockbox, and you are encouraged to lock up your cell phones at least for a little bit to truly disconnect. We had lost cell phone service about 30-45 minutes prior to showing up to the (we have Verizon), but they do have a landline inside of the cabin for emergencies, or if you need something from the camp host.

I may have used my cell phone for a short period to edit some photos and write up notes, but it was truly nice being disconnected from the rest of the world and just enjoying being together as a family. We checked out nature, found some mushrooms and named them Toad, we went to Mill Pond and fished a little bit, listened to some music inside while coloring and playing Toy Story 4 Uno and made some smores on the stove in a pan because you can’t go camping/glamping without smores!



Our favorite part about Getaway.House were the large windows near the bed that had a loft area for the kids to play with their toys. Waking up to nature with the giant windows is truly a dream, and I can’t wait to stay again!

If you’d like to stay with, check out their website for more info. They have locations in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, Portland, and Washington D.C. and prices start at $125 for 1 queen bed and $150 for 2 queen beds.



  1. Zach
    / 5:54 AM

    I like all kinds of camping from the minimalist to glamping, but I’ve never tried this. It looks like a ball. I’ll be sure to check it out.

  2. Chanthina Julian
    / 3:28 PM

    Love this! Do you think it’s too small to bring a travel crib for my 5 month old?

    • Jenn
      / 6:18 PM

      I think the 1 bed cabin has a table that lifts, so you could potentially put it there but I’m not 100% sure on that. Otherwise, space is pretty limited for moving around. Dependent upon how big it is and where you want it put too.

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