7 Tips for Visiting Legoland San Diego, California in the Fall

7 Tips for Visiting Legoland San Diego, California in the Fall

As some of you may know, we visited San Diego, California at the end of October. While there, we planned to visit Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo/safari and LEGOLAND, so we needed to pick a specific day for each.

We ended up saving LEGOLAND for our last adventure and went on October 29th since the water park would still be open then.

One thing we didn’t realize was how far away it was from actual San Diego. We drove a good 35 minutes north of Pacific Beach, San Diego to get to LEGOLAND which is actually located in Carlsbad, California.


7 Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND San Diego, California in the Fall

Rule #1, Don’t get eaten by lions!!

  • It’s not as busy in fall as it is in the summertime so you wouldn’t need to get there super early unless you wanted to see and experience everything LEGOLAND has to offer. We were there from open to close and still didn’t get to do everything, which was from 10am-5pm. Our daughter kept getting sidetracked by the LEGO building stations all throughout the park as well as the kiddie playground. I would say those were her favorite parts of LEGOLAND. She didn’t want to ride any of the rides in the park that she was able to either since she’s scared of anything she can’t control herself.

  • The waterpark is only open on the weekends in the fall of September and October. It closes up in November until the 2nd week of March.
  • The day we went was overcast and 70 degrees so we were a bit chilly after getting out of the water. The standing water pool areas were a little warm, but the build-a-raft river was cold!! BRR, especially after you hit the waterfalls or spray hoses.
  • Bring your own towels, either from the hotel, your rental house or what have you. We forgot ours and had to buy an expensive beach towel in the waterpark to dry off with.
  • Bring water and small snacks to avoid the high priced concessions/restaurants. It’s still 95-70 degrees in October, so you’ll want and need water. Small water bottles were around $3 per at LEGOLAND.
  • Avoid going during Halloween events unless you want to join their Brick-or-Treat party which costs a little more. I specifically planned around it because I knew the park would be even busier than it already was and didn’t want to fight the crowds.

What is Brick-or-Treat?

  • LEGOLAND Brick or Treat Party Nights is a spooktacular family-friendly nighttime Halloween event that takes place on Saturdays starting at the end of September until Halloween at LEGOLAND California in San Diego. Guests can dress in costume, collect goodies at “brick-or-treat” stations or participate in a dance party and a costume contest. Or they can simply enjoy the rides and attractions that LEGOLAND has to offer!

  • If it happens to be rainy and/or chilly, purchase the aquarium pass with your ticket so you can go inside a building with multi-levels of awesome Sealife aquarium at LEGOLAND. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how big it was. I thought when we got to the end of the tunnel on the first level that that was it. Nope! My daughter loved looking at all the different species of fish and so did we.

So if you’re heading to LEGOLAND in the fall, be sure to plan ahead with these tips!

We were provided with complimentary tickets to LEGOLAND/Aquarium in exchange for our trip post. As always, all opinions are my own.




  1. / 3:30 PM

    I hardly need 1 reason to visit Legoland than to just go! Looks like so much fun. I can’t believe I still haven’t been.

  2. Jenn @ EngineerMommy
    / 3:54 PM

    These are great tips for families traveling with young kids. My daughters would love to visit and explore this place.

  3. / 4:57 PM

    I’ve never visited Legoland before but it sounds like a lot of fun for families especially the kids! I’m sure it’s a dream come true for the little ones who are a huge fan of the brand. These tips are awesome!

  4. / 6:32 PM

    What a cool place! I love the Lego Friends figures 🙂 We haven’t been to a Legoland, but there is one closer to us. It sounds like such a fun experience.

  5. / 7:14 PM

    It looks like you had a blast! We have one here in FL and we’ve never been but my kids would LOVE to go!

  6. Ricci
    / 3:22 AM

    I may be an adult with no kids but I think Legoland would be so much FUN to visit!! I need to plan a trip soon!!

  7. Catalina
    / 2:15 PM

    OMG! This is such a beautiful place to visit with my kid! He will love it for sure!

  8. / 7:16 PM

    I would love to take my kids to Legoland. Both of them love building with Lego bricks and I know they’d love to see the creations from Lego bricks

  9. / 1:31 PM

    I think Legoland would be so fun for kids. I’ll have to take my future kiddos there.

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