22 Weeks Pregnant Today!

Since I seen my friend Katie over at Being Dawson’s Mom doing these little tidbits every week, I decided I shall partake since I am preggers. Might be easier for me to update like this rather than not update at all cause I have no idea what to write out.

*I’ll try to update this with a belly pic tomorrow*

Ever since 17 weeks, I’ve been feeling our bundle of joy roll around and use my innards as a jungle gym. The sensation to me feels like I am on a roller coaster, which of course brings on a small bit of nausea. It’s a weird sensation but a good one cause you know they’re alive and well in there!

Then at 20 weeks I started feeling the kicks and jabs or at least that’s what I am thinking it is. It kind of feels like a bubble popping, nothing painful, but still weird since I’m new to all of this.

How far along? 22 weeks today! Baby girl is the size of a spaghetti squash.

Weight gain?  The last time I was weighed a week ago I was up 7lbs.

Belly button? In, I doubt I’ll have an outtie at any point in my pregnancy cause my belly button seems deep. lol

Wedding rings on or off? On, haven’t experienced the swelling yet, but I imagine that will kick in as I get further along.

Movement? Yep, she’s a wild one in there.

Maternity clothes? I’m able to wear a couple pairs of my normal jeans but the maternity ones I bought are much more comfortable since my belly is starting to bulge.

Symptoms? Feeling? I’m not as tired as I was before, not as nauseous either thankfully. Overall feeling better.

Mood? I haven’t really been moody. Not sure what all of the pregnancy mood swing hormones are all about that people talk about but I haven’t experienced it. I did cry a couple times at weird things and random times, but other than that, normal.

Missing? Having a drink now and then, sleeping comfortably. Even though I am not as big as I am going to get, it’s already uncomfortable sleeping. I have to toss and turn every half an hour because my body goes numb. And I am afraid to sleep on my back because I hear later on in pregnancy that can stop blood flow to the baby, so I am trying not to do that now.

Looking forward to? Meeting her, and hoping I have a comfortable yet easy labor and delivery. Haha who am I kidding…

Sleep?  I sleep but not soundly as explained above.

Exercise? No, although I should probably get a walk in every day.

Any cravings? Mostly sweets now but I had those before I was pregnant. LOL Haven’t had any weird cravings like pickles and ice cream.

Food aversions? Never really had any food aversions so far at least. Smells haven’t bothered me and taste hasn’t really bothered me, but sometimes nothing sounds good but of course I eat anyways. Toothpaste, however, makes me gag and that’s the only times I’ve thrown up so far.


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