Pixi Beauty Products Has 3 New Kits!

I haven’t been too into a bunch of make up lately, just the usual foundation, blush, and mascara. Having a new baby leaves me little time or desire to get as ready as I’d like to when leaving the house. Trust me, there are days where I’m okay with being frumpy, then there’s other days where I want to look a little nicer.

Pixi Beauty has just what I need to make me feel and look good. They have 3 new kits out that I am dying to try!

  • Natural Contour Kit is your one-stop solution for face and eyes! Organized in one light-weight palette, all of your Holiday looks will be fuss-free and flawless!


  • Endless Silky Eye Pen quartette has a color for every one of your Holiday looks this season! With this award winning waterproof formula, they won’t budge or smudge, and the gel texture makes them glide on with ease! endlesssilkyeyepenquartette-product-17jun15-web


  • Mattelustre Lipstick quartette adds a touch of color to your look, and they demi-matte finish wears on and on! Infused with vitamins, the hydrating formula keeps your lips looking great even after you take it off!mattelustrelipstickquartette-17jun15-web


What’s great is all 3 are portable, very versatile and a must-have for all your beauty needs!

That Time of Year When Depression is Rampant

Among various types of mental issues, depression takes number one position when it comes to number of affected people. It is so common that almost everyone had at least one depressive episode during his life. Symptoms of the condition affect both body and mind, causing severe social problems for a patient.


People like to behave as doctors and set up their own diagnosis. Because of this, and because of the fact that most people had experienced something similar to depression, we tend to disregard real disease when it happens. Individuals perceive it as a passing issue that can remedied with help of the friends. Unfortunately, oftentimes depression has strong roots in childhood. There needs to be some traumatic experience that led to this illness. Due to this, patient will be forced to go to psychotherapy and to buy Wellbutrin online or some other medication for major depressive disorder.

Depression is a state of low mood that needs to persist for at least two weeks. Any other behavior that lasts for shorter period of time cannot be called depression. It is natural to feel down from time to time. But, illness is much different from passing feeling of sadness because it persists and patient is unable to do anything to help himself. Even though basic symptoms resemble sadness and bad mood, there is much more to depression than this. Person affected by it will lose confidence and self-esteem. He will not be to perform at school or at work due to lack of focus. Furthermore, he won’t be able to accomplish set goals or to finish things which he started. Patient’s social life will also take a hit. He will slowly withdraw from his family and friends. He will not be able to communicate with them or with anyone else. Social interaction and making new friends will be almost impossible. Besides these symptoms, individual will also experience some other physical issues such as insomnia and loss of weight. The worst thing about this condition is the fact that it often leads to suicide.


This illness often has roots in childhood. Individuals, who were abused, mistreated or lacked love, will suffer from the disease later on in life. Often, there needs to be a trigger that will make all those emotions from childhood resurface. Like with any other mental illness of today, our environment can be the cause of disturbance. Noise, pollution, impact of other people, can all lead to it. Of course, people who have genetic predisposition for depression or mental sicknesses are more likely to develop it.

Major depressive disorder, as well as seasonal affective disorder, can easily be treated with Wellbutin. Specialists from You! Drugstore warn consumers that use of medication is not enough to battle this disease. Individual will also have to visit therapist. But, if you use Wellbutrin, you are able to eliminate most of the symptoms making your day go better. Patients who have seizure or epilepsy disorder, those who suddenly stopped using alcohol or those with eating disorder, should avoid this drug.

Help These 6 Charities Today by Retweeting or Instagramming #GivingIsMyStyle

It’s that time of year when every one wants to get into the “giving spirit”, but it shouldn’t just be around the holidays that we do this since there’s people, animals, countries and environments suffering all year long that could use help.

I for one like to donate non perishable food items when I can, because I know there’s a lot of people out there that could use the extra help so they don’t have to go hungry or know where their next meal is going to come from.

And on occasion, I like to pay it forward and buy someones meal or drink thru the drive through just to show them an act of kindness so that maybe they’ll return the favor… not necessarily then if they can’t, but sometime in the future.


Right now thru the end of the month, you can Join Paul Mitchell’s global family and help give back by including the hashtag #GivingIsMyStyle on your social networking sites. For every social post on Twitter or Instagram that includes this hashtag, they will donate $1 to one of the 6 charities below. ($1 per person and up to $200,000 total)


Bright Pink: Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. We are proud to support their mission to educate, equip and empower women of all ages to be proactive with their health. @BeBrightPink

Waterkeeper Foundation: For more than 10 years, Paul Mitchell has supported Waterkeeper Alliance in their mission to protect rivers, streams, coastlines and other major waterways around the world.@Waterkeeper

Morris Animal Foundation: Morris Animal Foundation is a global leader in supporting scientific research that advances veterinary medicine. We’re proud to support the organization’s commitment to improving the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife around the world.@Morris_Animal

Grow Appalachia: In 2010, Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria teamed up with Berea College to establish Grow Appalachia, a non-profit initiative that helps Appalachian families plant a healthy future. Over the last few years, the organization has produced more than 1.1 million pounds of healthy, organic food for thousands of people in five states. @GrowAppalachia

Boys & Girls Club: Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria grew up in an underserved Los Angeles community. During his youth, the local Boys & Girls Club provided a safe place for him to socialize, learn and grow. Today, our company is proud to give back to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and their efforts to create great futures for young people.@BGCA_Clubs

Reforest’Action: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree proudly supports Reforest’Action, an environmental organization that plants trees worldwide, in the areas where they’re needed most. Join The Green Takeover and help us plant 500,000 trees by 2016.

Sharing is caring, let’s help these charities out by hashtagging #GivingIsMyStyle!

Skip the Expensive Name Brand Formula

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Perrigo, the makers of Members Mark Infant Formula. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ever since my little one was born, I’ve had to supplement, only because she wasn’t getting enough breast milk, which people swear is not true and only hinders your milk production. Honestly, it was a secondary option that I don’t regret because I now have a happy, healthy baby.

At around 1 month, she decided she didn’t want as much formula and we basically just breast fed. I was initially worried that she wasn’t getting what she needed since she cut back on ounces eaten drastically. But we had a 2 month check up with her pediatrician and she was doing great with weight. She has actually been in the 97 percentile for weight ever since her 2 month check up and she is now 6 months old.

We still feed her formula at night when my supply is lower since she’s still hungry. That’s just what works for us and our baby.

The formula we go with now is Members Mark Advantage Infant Formula from Sam’s Club since it has the same nutritional value as Similac Advance and is a fraction of the cost (club members save around $500 buying Members Infant Formula products compared to Similac and Enfamil). I also love the fact that it’s designed to be more like breast milk, so that I know my baby is getting best of both worlds.

I’ve noticed that with some store brands of formula, they tend to be awfully foamy which in turn creates gas in your little ones tummy, but Members Mark Advantage Infant Formula does not have that issue thankfully. But if yours does, my tip to you is to get some baby gas drops and stick a couple drops into your bottle of formula. It will instantly take the foamy bubbles away!


Members Mark Advantage 1 Infant Formula is designed for babies to consume from birth- 12 months old, helping brain and eye development as well as overall essential growth. Pediatricians and experts agree that store brand formulas like Members Mark Infant Formula product line offer high quality formula at an economic advantage. Use the formula finder to determine the right formula from the line for your baby, and the savings calculator to see how much you can save with Members Infant Formula today! 

That’s not all, 5 winners will be selected to receive one 12 oz Member’s Mark Infant Formula sample and a $100 Sam’s Club Gift Card. Enter below on the giveaway widget!

Member’s Mark Infant Formula Giveaway

“Members Mark Infant Formula provided me with free samples to review but all opinions are my own.”

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How to Blog With a Baby

If you figure it out, please let me know. Lol.

Yes I know, misleading title but it’s appropriate here since I’m really ever only able to type up a blog post by hitting these little tiny buttons on my galaxy s5. I don’t even know what it’s like to type on a real keyboard anymore since my time is pretty limited.

My husband could be more helpful but anything over an hour or two and he’s upstairs bugging me cause she’s cranky and I’m the only one with boobs.

I swear, I’d like to sneak some hormone pills in his protein shake just so he can experience what a cow feels like.

Don’t get me wrong, you may see me complain a lot about not being able to do much on here, but I honestly wouldn’t trade my time with little babe for the world. She’s getting so big and time is flying by as she just hit the 6 month mark today. I’m pretty happy to have her in my life since she brings calmness and love into my life that I’ve never felt before.


This precious little babe is going to have her parents wrapped around her finger, since that face gets us every time.

Mommy loves you Arya.