How old is TOO old to be at a club?

As the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel and right now I don’t feel old, although technically, I appear old to my 18 year old sis.When I was 21, I never really was into clubs or even dancing for that matter because I had too much social anxiety to actually say or do what I felt like doing. I always worried too much about the opinions of others and now that I’ve grown up and grown out of my anxiety for the most part, I just don’t give a crap anymore!

I honestly believe that 30s are the new 20s. I’m slowing down, but no so much so that I need to go to bed before midnight on the weekends. I’m not decrepit, although I do have a pulled muscle or sciatic nerve issue going on for the past 2 weeks that’s probably going to slow me down a bit, but I won’t let that keep me down for long!

My friend an I have been going out every weekend dancing for the past 3 or is it 4 weeks? Hell, I can’t remember. Is alzheimers setting in? Either way, it’s been tons of fun. Well, besides the black guy who kept poking my ass with his finger like I’m the Pillsbury dough boy. I turn around and give him “the look”. You guys know what the look is, and he slurs, “let’s go dance.” Or at least that’s what I thought his drunk ass was saying. I told him I was leaving soon, so no can do, but then we go and dance some more and he kept creeper eyeing me from afar, then got closer, so the guy my friend likes pulled me closer to them so he would buzz off. You always need to have back up in any case, no matter how young or old you are. LOL

At the venue we were at, one of the DJs asked people on the dance floor to play musical chairs, only with dance partners. Whoever were the last couple standing got $25 off their bar tab, which to the ladies, is a lot, because drinks were only $3 a piece until midnight. We had to switch up partners and go to a different one each time, so as you can imagine, there’s a bunch of scrambling drunk people bumping asses with each other. Definitely not something I have experienced before, but hell, I’ll do it again if it means I get a potential free bar tab!

And if you can dance like this granny, then I say screw the haters, you go on with your bad self and walk it out… at the club.



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