Why You Should Dispose of Unwanted or Expired Medications

Why You Should Dispose of Unwanted or Expired Medications

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It’s time to get a little personal over here on the blog.

I know I have talked about family before and addiction, but I feel this is super important so I am going to speak out again. In Washington, it’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on October 23rd, which is great because there are LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-back ™ receptacles to discard unwanted and expired prescription drugs. However, you cannot discard pet medications or needles in the state of Washington.

We have family members that struggle with addiction, and during those times they would seek help or intervention with us and end up finding some medication in my cupboard that I had leftover after giving birth, and from my wisdom tooth removal. They would get into it while we were asleep and take numerous pills just to feel some sort of high. The thing is, we didn’t even realize that pills would even be sought after by someone who suffered from alcoholism, or we would have discarded or hidden them sooner as we did with the alcohol. But, apparently, it doesn’t matter what it is, they need something to curb that craving. This oftentimes leads to opiate addiction, then they move on to stronger things like meth and heroin which is how my sister’s 12-year addiction started. She now takes prescription medication to stop her from doing it since she can’t do it on her own. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle that needs to be stopped.

So if we discard our prescription medications, we can make life drastically better for those struggling with addiction or mental health issues since it won’t be there for the taking.

Did You Know? (per LifeInCheck Drug Disposal program​)

  • Every 7 minutes an American dies from an overdose.
  • 51% of misused prescription pain relievers are given by, bought from, or taken from a friend or relative.
  • 18M people in the U.S. over the age of 12 have misused medications at least once in the past year.
  • 46M Americans are exposed to trace amounts of narcotics in their drinking water

The numbers don’t lie. The stats prove that offering only two drug take-back days a year is not enough to protect our communities. But, together, we can provide easily accessible, friendly, and safe places to dispose of unused and expired medications — any time. Working with the Inmar LifeInCheck Drug Disposal program, every day can be a drug take-back day.

What is LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-back ™ Program and how does it work?

LifeInCheck Drug Disposal program is a safe option for consumers to dispose of their unused or outdated prescription medications in secure receptacles located across the US. This is a great idea because some people are old school and think flushing medications down the toilet or pouring them in the drain or throwing them in the garbage is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted medication. I feel safe and secure knowing that I’m not damaging our environment, or worse, allowing my kids or having my family/friends to get into our unused prescription drugs again.

LifeInCheck has created a tool to help us safely dispose of unused or expired medications. Simply enter your city and state or zip code and search radius and a list will be provided of safe drug take-back locations in your area.

We know the opioid crisis is on a massive scale, so do your part to help protect your family and our communities.


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