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With kids constantly putting their fingers in their mouths and not being the most hygienic, it’s an absolute must to be able to safely disinfect without harsh chemicals that most cleaning products contain. You know, the toxic smell that’s bad for your lungs, the residue that gets absorbed into your skin? We shouldn’t be breathing or touching any toxic chemicals, that’s why I love AGent+® for my household since it combined 2 natural elements; copper and silver.

About AGent+®

AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants was founded in 2011 by a Wisconsin couple looking for a new cleaning product. After researching, two key observations were made: 1) many of the “green” products were only slightly less harmful than other undiluted counterparts, and 2) that all the cleaning products require constant application because they don’t offer lasting protection. By combining two natural elements, copper and silver, AGent+ created an environmentally safe cleaner that protects surfaces for up to three days after physically cleaning.

Just the facts

AGent+ is owned by women concerned about the environment, their families, and friends.
AGent+ Hard Surface and Multi-Surface are patented, eco-friendly household cleaning products.
Not only does AGent+ clean surfaces, but it also contains the antifungal properties of copper and natural antimicrobial properties of silver.
Their products contain an EPA Registered Active Ingredient that helps form a protective net against stain and odor-causing bacteria and fungus.
Unlike traditional cleaning products that only work while they are wet, AGent+’s protective net continues working after drying for up to three days.
Major League Baseball (MLB) teams have trusted AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants to protect their players since 2014.
The Child Development Center at Missouri State University has recommended the use of AGent+ since 2018.
AGent+’s new Sustainable Nesting Kit™ greatly reduces plastic (reusable packaging) and fossil fuel consumption (less weight to ship at <2 lbs).
AGent+’s Nesting Refill™ further reduces shipping weight to <1 lb.
AGent+ Sustainable Nesting Kit (available in Hard Surface or Multi- Surface) typically retails for $32.95 (equivalent to $3.73 for each 12 oz Nesting bottle and the initial kit purchase). The Nesting Refill typically retails for $21.95 (equivalent to $2.48 per 12 oz bottle).

Where to purchase

AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants are available to purchase at AGentPlusProtects.Me.


Did you know?

The phrase “Born with a Silver Spoon” became popular in the early 18th century to refer to the wealthy. The phrase was coined as the wealthy of the time were using silver utensils, for their antimicrobial properties, to help protect their infants against the transmission of disease.


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