Goodles, The Gooder Noodle!

Goodles, The Gooder Noodle!
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If my kids could eat one thing forever, it would probably be mac and cheese. I mean who doesn’t love mac and cheese? It’s such a tasty, classic staple in everyone’s homes. But what about taking a good thing and making it a little bit healthier like Goodles has done?


Currently, GOODLES is available in four different varieties including:

  • Cheddy Mac – Creamy Cheddar and Macaroni
  • Mover & Shaker – a Cacio e Pepe Inspired Mac (aka cheese and pepper)
  • Twist My Parm – Asiago and Parmesan with Spirals
  • Shella Good – Aged White Cheddar and Shells



GOODLES began with a big idea for a very small thing: to create a super- nutritious noodle that looks, cooks, and tastes just like a normal, delicious noodle. Endless hours at the stove and over a thousand versions later, say hello to GOODLES, a gooder noodle. GOODLES packs your mac with both the good stuff you want and tons of yum! And that’s a pretty huge deal. Little things with big impact—we call them “gooders” and they are everywhere, making a tastier, kinder, happier world. GOODLES is our gooder. What’s yours?

Just the Facts

GOODLES Mac and Cheese is unbelievably delicious and packed with 21 nutrients from organic plants.
It contains 25% fewer calories than the leading brand of macaroni and cheese.
GOODLES Mac and Cheese has14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving as well as prebiotics.
It contains real cheese, and none of the bad stuff like GMOs, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives.
The price starts at $3.50 per box and will be initially available to purchase at


Our Thoughts

My kids definitely prefer the classic Cheddy Mac since that’s what they’re used to. They have an objection to trying anything that isn’t normal to them. Kids are weird creatures. We love the Twist My Parm with Asiago and Parmesan with spirals. Pairs perfect with just about everything and it’s so tasty! We will definitely be grabbing some more.

Where to purchase

GOODLES Mac & Cheese is available to purchase at and ships right to your door.


Be sure to take advantage of this limited time discount code! Use code MOMSAREGOODER to save 25% on GOODLES Mac and Cheese. OFFER VALID UNTIL 7/31/2022.


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