5 Cute Coffee Mugs Found on Etsy

5 Cute Coffee Mugs Found on Etsy

If you’re a caffeine addict like most of the world, you’ll  obviously need a cute coffee mug to drink out of. Am I right!?

As some of you know, I run an Etsy Shop, but with busy summer days comes low sales and not as many views as a small business owner hopes for. So I figured I would do a shameless plug for myself since I also run a blog. It’s like a win-win for both. Create content + get a possible sale.

I haven’t been able to stock my shop with as many new ideas as I would like. But maybe one of these weekends I can get some ideas out of my head and onto coffee mugs.

Here are 5 Cute Coffee Mugs Found on Etsy

(in my shop *wink*)

Mermaid at Heart

You can get this cute coffee mug ——> here

This is a cute mermaid at heart glitter coffee mug using a mix of blue and pink glitter to match the cup design.

Mom Fuel

Every mom should have one. I need coffee in my life in order to survive the day. The terrible two’s have been happening lately and I was so not prepared, oh.my.lord. LOL

You can get this cute coffee mug ——> here

Stay Beautiful

This is one of my favorite photos from a customer. Why can’t my desk space look this great!?

You can get this cute coffee mug ——> here


Dates can obviously be customized to fit the recipient.

You can get this cute coffee mug ——> here

I Puggin’ Love You

Because who doesn’t love pugs?

You can get this cute coffee mug ——> here

All of my cups and glasses are hand wash only since I use professional outdoor grade vinyl and glitter. For some, this is a deal breaker and I understand why, but it’s super simple to use a soft sponge and wipe it down. I have put my cups in the dishwasher and they’ve lasted a few cycles, but I do not recommend it since the heat from the hot water in the dishwasher can cause the design to lift up and slide around.

Professional vinyl will last with appropriate care:

No microwaving
No scrubbing the vinyl or glitter
No soaking
and again No dishwasher.

I ship USPS priority to be able to get it to you quickly and safely!

I can do custom orders, change colors of designs if requested.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. These are all tooooo stinkin’ cute! Mermaid at <3 is my favorite, but I adore the lettering style of the Stay Beautiful cup. I have a huuuuuuuuuge collection of coffee mugs that I've collected from my years of travel. Maybe the hubs won't raise his brow if I got another one? 😉

  2. Brigette Collins
    / 8:40 PM

    OMG! I have recently just started getting into mugs lol.. I love the mom fuel and the stay beautiful. They are soo me!

  3. Afroz Shaikh
    / 2:20 AM

    I am just love with all the mugs, they are super cute..
    Love them all, would be very difficult to pick one..

  4. Amanda
    / 8:39 AM

    I love the Stay Beautiful mug.

  5. Angela East
    / 9:39 AM

    I pick up cute mugs everytime I’m in a Pier 1 or HomeGoods. I love some of these DIYs with the glitter. Wonder how it would hold up in dish water. But still worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jenn
      / 8:20 PM

      You don’t wanna soak them

  6. Odette
    / 10:35 AM

    You are so talented. All of these mugs make wonderful gift ideas. I hope your sales pick up soon!

  7. / 12:11 PM

    Your mugs are so fun and colorful. It makes a nice way to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  8. Rosie Digout
    / 1:28 PM

    Love the mugs! Not something you really see in stores. I think “Stay Beautiful” is my favourite. It’s the perfect gift for that coffee/tea person.

  9. / 3:01 PM

    Pluggin’ your Etsy shop on your own blog makes all kinds of sense! Your mugs are cute! Currently eyeing the “Mom fuel” mug. It’s like it was made for me! lol

  10. Nicole V
    / 10:40 AM

    I love cute mugs! The ones with the glitter on the bottom are too cute! I’m thinking of getting some customized mugs to match my blog. These definitely gave me some ideas!

  11. Eclectic Evelyn
    / 5:41 PM

    These mugs are so cute. They would make a great gift. I can see the wifey one as a wedding shower gift. It would be so cute. Do you do custom orders? A set with Bride and bridesmaids would be cute or even groom and groomsmen maybe with beards lol.

    • Jenn
      / 8:53 PM

      Yup, I do custom orders and thank you!

  12. Nicole Flint
    / 3:59 PM

    So stinkin cute!! I have a slight obsession with mugs so I’m going to have to check your shop out 🙂

  13. / 7:24 PM

    Are the cups: mermaids at heart and stay beautiful from the same company? They are gorgeous in a similar way!

    • Jenn
      / 9:47 PM

      They’re not from a company, they’re done by me.

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