Nesting is a Real Symptom

Out of all of the pregnancy symptoms, nesting has been the one that’s most true, for me anyways.

Today the computer room disgusted me so I had to clean it up and organize it a bit. It’s still not to my liking but it’s better than it was before. I’ve been browsing Pinterest (very very dangerous by the way) and have been daydreaming of all the DIY home decor. Obviously these peoples homes are way nicer than ours but if we put forth the effort to spruce up ours, it could look just as nice, but damn, who has time for all of that?

My husband has a book shelf in our office with so many books on it that it’s overflowing and becoming an eye sore. I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do about it other than buy or create another book shelf. The hard part would be getting the same color wood as the original which is an ugly oak color and doesn’t even match his desk which is cherry BTW. I hate mismatching furniture. Yes, this has somehow become a hate post… No really, I just think it’s tacky when it doesn’t match and I am sure you all would agree.

Follow Jenny’s board For the Home on Pinterest.

On my For the Home Pinterest board, I spotted this no sew table cloth canopy that I want to do over the bed to make the room look a little more nice to go with our super nice master bathroom, which I thought would look great draping down behind our sleigh bed.

no sew diy bed canopy

See how awesomely adorable this is?

Then above our night stands, I’d like to create 2 of these sunburst mirrors. Apparently you can go to Home Depot or Lowes and grab some of their paint sticks for free and do it, but instead of taking all of their sticks since I’d probably need about 75, I’d just order them off of Amazon.


photo copyright:

Even if I only do these 2 things, I think it would add that touch I am looking for in our master bedroom, but perhaps I shall wait until we get a King bed so I can make sure the wall hangings will be accurate, because my husband hates unnecessary holes in the walls.

For my home office, I am dreaming of this… but that’s all it will be, a dream, because I am not that talented and I doubt I’d find a desk that looks like this that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

home office

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Look at how glamorous that would be. It’s so inviting and would make me actually want to come into the room instead of leave it. I’d get so much more blogging work done if I had an office like this.

Maybe one day, maybe…

but then my half would look nice and my husbands half would look horrid. Perhaps I can have him put a curtain up to separate half the room and to disguise what’s behind it. 😉

What DIY home decor have you found that you’d love to do?


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