Simple Blended Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade

Since it was a nice day out, I wanted something refreshing and since I couldn’t have a margarita, I decided to blend up some strawberry raspberry lemonade in my Ninja Blender and call it a mocktail for the day.

blended strawbery raspberry lemonade

All I used was Simply Lemonade with Raspberries that I got on sale at Safeway and some frozen organic strawberries that I got from Costco. This big 5lb bag of strawberries lasted me a long while.

Directions for Blended Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade:

2 cups of ice in the blender
3 cups of Simply Lemonade with Raspberries
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1-2 tsp of sugar if you don’t like it too tart
You can even add some actual raspberries as well, but I didn’t have any on hand.


This gave me 2-3 glass fulls in my 16oz mason jar that I purchased from Ross. Cute little 4 piece set for only $8 that I couldn’t pass up.

blended strawberry raspberry lemonade


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