Wee Blessings Clothing Box

Wee Blessings Clothing Box
I recieved a complimentary wee blessing clothing box in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products and companies i believe in.

With 2 little ones now, getting out and about to shop is not an easy task. It takes me about an hour just to get ready to leave with 2 kids in tow and that’s just getting them dressed, diaper bag packed, hair fixed and all buckled up in the car seats. That’s why shopping online is convenient for busy parents like me; and the best part is, you won’t feel like you just ran a half marathon doing so.

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Walmart Makes Planning a Party for the Holidays Easier!


The holidays are a stressful time of year for just about everyone. Anytime someone comes over, I always want to make sure my house is looking presentable, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to run to the store to pick up the household essentials, so I save a little time by ordering from Walmart.com and selecting store pick up and/or ship to home. Now that the holidays are here… traffic is insane, lines are long, and I just want to avoid the chaos of it all!

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13 Awesome Etsy Shops For Gift Ideas

I love handmade gifts and supporting small businesses. They may end up costing more than what you’re used to buying, but brick and mortar stores mass produce, so the cost is always going to be lower. These are one woman Etsy shops where everything is made with skill and love.

There are so many great Etsy shops to be found on Etsy, but I just adore these ones.

And in no particular order…

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Learning the Tricks of Etsy and Getting Sales

Learning the Tricks of Etsy and Getting Sales

Around March, my Etsy shop finally decided to take off and I currently have 90 sales under my belt. Now I know to the big Etsy sellers, my measly 90 sales over at my Mean Muggin It is nothing, but to me, it’s a huge milestone.

I’ve worked my butt off trying to fix my listing titles, tags, descriptions, SEO, etc. Basically, it’s like another blog and requires constant effort.

Most people think you just list a few things on Etsy and you’ll get sales; Wrong!

Things I’ve learned about the algorithm of Etsy




  • Titles need to be filled to the max with keywords of your item. I separate them with a backslash or a comma, then paste them into the tag section. You need to use up all 13 tags.
  • Keywords and tags also need to be more than one word. Be descriptive. Think of what you’d be searching for to find your item.
  • Your keywords also need to be implemented into your description. The part where you describe the process and detailing of your item.

Great Photos

It also helps to have clear photos that stand out and catch the eye. I am still working on this part since it’s hard to do great pics in Sunlight and/or inside the house. I am contemplating on building a light box or even purchasing a cheapo one from Amazon to use with both my phone and DSLR camera in hopes that it will make my photos more enticing and in turn generate more sales.

Having your item staged with something next to it to give a size comparison is also good. Shows the buyer just how big your item is comparatively.



I have heard that filling out your profile and policies 100% leads to more views. Regardless of views, you’ll want to do this so you are backed by your shop policies if something were to go awry.

Social Media

You’ll want to build a social media following specifically for your Etsy business. I mainly like Instagram as I get way more interaction there than on Facebook. Probably because the Facebook pages only show to a small percentage of your followers. Don’t sign up for the business Instagram account. They could eventually show you to less and fewer people like Facebook since they were bought out by Facebook.

Establish a following on whatever social media sites you prefer, I recommend Instagram and Pinterest, and to use relative hashtags for your product and watch the likes, comments and follows come in. (Especially on Instagram and Pinterest)

Introduce new products on social media first that way you get them interested enough, they’ll be waiting for you to list it on Etsy. Announce sales with coupon codes, flash sales, giveaways, whatever to get a little online traffic.

Click on the relative hashtags that you’ve used in your posts and go heart a few of the people’s photos who have used the same hashtag. It gets them over to your profile and can lead to a possible sale. For instance, I use the hashtag #idrinkandiknowthings from #gameofthrones since I have made a mug and tumbler with that quote. Then I go heart peoples public posts.

It’s my number 1 seller so far!

There are plenty more tips, so maybe I’ll do a second edition post as I learn more tricks of the trade.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for Etsy sellers whether you’re a buyer or a seller?

A photo of one of my products on Etsy; the simplistic wedding ring dish with initials.

Simplistic Initial Wedding Ring Dish

5 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

Lately, I haven’t exactly been living up to my full frugal potential, but that’s going to change starting this year. My goal is to save as much money as possible instead of having it spent before it even hits my bank account. I know, I know.. bad bad, which is why I wanted to emphasize on ways to save money when shopping online in this post. Let’s face it, some of us can’t get out of the house every time a good deal hits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money when shopping online.


1. Research. Research. Research.


Just because it’s advertised as a good deal, doesn’t exactly mean it’s a good deal. Check Google for comparison pricing on the certain item you’re looking for, this will give you a general overview if it’s worth it or not at the price point it’s being offered. There will be local pricing and online pricing if available.


2. Use Coupon Codes and Stack Them if Possible


This is an obvious no-brainer. If you want to save money online, use coupon codes that you can either get by signing up for the brands’ newsletter or by searching on Google. Often times you’ll find that the coupon incentive is much higher if you’re an actual newsletter subscriber. Another thing to note if you find a coupon code on Google, it may be an account tied coupon or a one-time use, so it’s best to sign up for the brands you do like so you can be reminded of current and future sales. Some companies like ClothingRIC and SitewideCouponseven allow you to stack multiple coupon codes, so take advantage when you can.


3. Add Items To Cart and Leave Them If You Don’t Need Right Away


One thing I have noticed when I window shop online is that they’ll offer an incentive to give you a little push to make that purchase. You’ll receive emails like, “we noticed you left something in your cart, here’s a little discount.” etc. Now not every company does this, so don’t let the item sit if it’s a good deal as good deals usually have a limited availability and will go out of stock quickly. So jump on it, if it’s hot.


4. Use Cash Back Websites Like GivingAssistant


Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program, with over 1,100 of the largest retailers like Kohls for instance, and gives an average of 5% cash reward after each online purchase.

Not all cash back websites are created equal. Some will give you very little back and some will give you 100% of what they make off your purchase, and Giving Assistant is one of those websites if you’re a member. For non-member purchases, they retain the commission and make a small donation to Feeding America to give one meal. You don’t have to wait months for a check in the mail like other cashback sites, and minimum payout is just $5.01, not $25+ like most other cashback sites which are nice because it can take a while to accumulate if you’re like me and not spending hundreds of dollars frequently.

If you make a purchase through their website and you don’t get credit for it, contact them and they’ll make sure you receive your full cash back amount. That to me is GREAT customer service!

I actually had an issue with the purchase I did through Walmart not crediting, but they put the 4% cash back in my account after confirming my purchase. It’s as simple as that!


5. Ask For a Price Drop Refund


Ouch, it stings knowing you just purchased something and then it drops to a lower price a day or a week later. Contact the company and ask for a price adjustment; the worst thing they could say is no. I know that Amazon does this when you contact their chat customer support people. It may be a hit or miss though depending on who you’re talking to, usually, they will accommodate though and refund the difference.


Do you have any more tips to save money when shopping online? I know there are lots more, but it will have to wait for a 2nd edition post.