A Tasty and Healthy Way To Stay Hydrated for Moms on the Go

welch's 100% juice with coconut water


Are you one of those people who gets tired of plain old’ water and needs something else to be able to get your recommended daily intake of fluids to stay hydrated? I get it. Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it!

One thing I love is coconut water. I actually drank it a bit back when I was breastfeeding since it helps with milk production. But, if you’re anything like one of my sister’s, the taste absolutely disgusts you. Well, now you can get the added health benefits without sacrificing your taste buds because Welch’s has 100% juice flavors with coconut water now! Talk about tasty and healthy!


Coconut Health Benefits:

Coconut water is found in young coconuts and is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and several important minerals.

Coconut water contains antioxidants that protect cells from damaging free radicals.

Coconut water is effective at replenishing fluids and electrolytes after exercise. It is comparable to other sports beverages.

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Hemp and Chia Poop Emoji Yogurt-Sicles

It’s summer, it’s hot and you need something cool to get you through the sweltering heat; make up some tasty hemp and chia poop emoji yogurt-sicles for you and the littles!

I actually found these while walking around Walmart. They were in a middle aisle in a giant bin for less than $2; score!

I know, I know… this is actually an ice cream emoji, but kids and most of the internet claim its poop. I’m okay with poop.

I could have been super gross and made these into fudge poopsicles, but I wanted it to be somewhat healthy for my toddler since she likes eating 2-3 a day.

Don’t judge…


Two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 4 grams of protein and 11 grams of dietary fiber. That’s over 40 percent of your daily fiber needs! They’re also a good source of good fat.


Two tablespoons of hemp seeds provide 10 grams of protein and four percent of your daily fiber needs. Like chia seeds, hemp seeds are high in fat (13 grams per serving).

They’re essentially a really great source of fiber, protein, fat, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.

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OREO Flavor I Wished Existed + OREO Creation Sweepstakes!

OREO cookies are a favorite around here, especially the regular OREO cookie! But, sometimes you want to try something a little different, so that’s why OREO cookie is doing the MY OREO Creation Sweepstakes.  They want YOU to come up with unique ideas for a new OREO cookie flavor and you’ll win 500,000 if your idea is chosen!

I headed over to Walmart to see the many different flavors they offered for inspiration. They had a cinnamon bun, cake batter, mint, peanut butter, red velvet cake and more! You can find many different options for a great price at Walmart stores.

I actually picked up some of the red velvet cake to make up a festive Fourth of July treat today, which is both super easy and tasty with minimal ingredients!

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Candy Corn Recipes for National Candy Corn Day

Seems like there’s a dedicated day for everything nowadays, am I right!?

And if you’re a big fan of candy corn, then you’re in for some sugary sweet recipes on National Candy Corn Day.

Candy corn is not my fave, but I will try it every now and again. Something about it just makes my teeth pucker and cringe in pain. Oh, that’s right, the amount of sugar that goes into these cone shaped treats.

Candy Corn Recipes for National Candy Corn Day


Candy Corn Donuts

This one may be a little misleading since it doesn’t actually involve any candy corn, but it is made to resemble the candy by using food coloring for the glaze.

candy corn recipes

I could eat about 5 right now!
Go find this delicious recipe at ChezCateyLou.com

Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs

This recipe caught my eye because it involves a salty base, which helps with the overall sweetness of the candy corn and white chocolate. YUM!

candy corn recipesDon’t these look tasty?

Homemade Candy Corn Recipe

Instead of buying store bought candy corn, go give this home made candy corn recipe a try. It’s a lot more vanilla-y compared to store bought, which means it tastes way better! Although, it’s a little bit stickier too.

candy corn recipes

I’m going to have to try making my own one of these years.
Go find the recipe at The Kitchen is My Playground.

Peanut Butter Monster Munch Halloween Party Mix

Well, that was a mouthful! I must say though, peanut butter makes everything taste better, including candy corn. This is a fun and festive treat that everyone will enjoy!

candy corn recipes

I need some of this in my life… like right this instant. /Drool
You can find the recipe at Wholefully.

Candy Corn Bark

Chocolate is my weakness, therefore I must eat this delicious looking candy corn bark after I beg my mom to make it. She’s like the designated candy bark maker creator for the holidays. I always look forward to her treats!

candy corn recipes

Looks so good, right?
Recipe can be found on The Jenny Evolution. She has a pretty awesome name. 😉

Candy Corn and M&M White Chocolate Fudge

My mother makes a mean fudge too, I’m going to have to have her try this one out this year… because who doesn’t like fudge, M&M’s and candy corn (in moderation of course)?

candy corn recipes

You can check out the recipe located over at This Gal Cooks

Slow Cooker Candy Corn Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate during these cold fall and winter months? put some candy corn candy inside your slow cooker with the hot chocolate and wa-la, candy corn hot chocolate!

candy corn recipesyou can find this fun recipe over at The Magical Slow Cooker

That’s all for now, I hope your Candy Corn Day celebration is fun and tasty!

Chicken Bacon Mac and Cheese Recipe

This post is sponsored by Foster Farms Simply Raised fresh chicken but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Comfort food to me means carbs and sugars, and what better comfort food is there than mac and cheese!?

Why Foster Farms No Antibiotics Ever Simply Raised Fresh Chicken bacon mac and cheese of course!

It’s about the only thing that I can currently get my daughter to eat, so in order to get some protein in there that’s healthier, I buy the Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken which contains no antibiotics ever at Target and incorporate it into our mac and cheese.

I like this chicken because it’s locally grown here in the PNW and California with no antibiotics ever. It’s fresh, all natural chicken that is American Humane Certified and fed a 100% vegetarian diet, without any added hormones or steroids. Foster Farms has been family-owned since its founding in 1939, which has been committed to producing only the highest-quality poultry for you and your family.

It’s also local, partnering with local family farms in the Pacific Northwest (depending on consumer location) so you can be rest assured the chicken you’re buying is delivered fresh within 48 hours or less.

And I’m not sure what’s going on with her eating habits, but my sister who has 3 kids assures me it is normal and a “stage” that’ll surely pass. I just hope it passes soon!

If you haven’t made mac and cheese before, it’s pretty simple and quick to put together. I need simple right now since I am trying to run a business, a blog and entertain a now toddler. Mom life; gotta love it!


Chicken bacon mac and cheese


Chicken Bacon Mac and Cheese Recipe


1 lb. macaroni pasta (or whatever noodles you prefer)
1 lb of chicken
1/2 c. of chopped bacon (I buy the precooked stuff from costco in a bag)
3 green onions chopped (or skip)
4 c. milk
½ c. flour
½ c. butter
6 c. freshly shredded sharp or white cheddar, or whatever cheese you prefer.
2 T. butter
1 T. salt
pepper to taste
2 T. of olive oil for chicken

(makes 10-12 servings)


  • Boil the pasta as stated on package directions.
  • Cut up the chicken into 1/2″ cubes. Toss them in a medium skillet with the olive oil over medium heat and cook about 10 minutes or until edges are opaque.
  • Chop up the green onions and toss them in with the chicken. Once chicken is about done, toss the bacon in.
  • Melt the butter in a large sauce pan over medium heat.
  • Once melted, sprinkle in flour and whisk it until smooth for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add in the salt and pepper.
  • Slowly pour in the milk, whisking it until smooth until thickened.
  • Stir in the shredded cheese until it’s a melty cheese sauce.
  • Pour over cooked noodles and top it off with the chicken, bacon and onions and stir altogether.

Chicken bacon mac and cheese

And enjoy!

Head on over to the Foster Farm page where you’ll find other great recipes that are a little more healthy and are considered the #newcomfortfood.  The new comfort food is a modern interpretation of a classic comfort food dish with a healthy twist.

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies: A Healthy Snack Your Toddler Will Love

We’re not new in trying out Gerber® Lil’ Beanies baked snacks. I seen them on sale one day at Target through the cartwheel app when they first came out and had to get them to try out for my lil babe. She absolutely loves them, so I get them at least once a week for her to snack on.

This last trip to Target, I had experienced a crying fit, which she had never done in the store before. I’m assuming it was because she was hungry since she didnt want to eat much of her lunch. As soon as I opened up the Lil’ Beanies in the store, she began devouring them and calmed down.

Gerber lil beanies

These are the perfect on the go baked treat for my lil babe since they have 2g of protein and 1g of fiber per serving. I feel good knowing shes eating a healthy snack as these are made with navy beans and also contain 10% of the daily value of vitamin E. There’s no GMO’s, artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives. Just a tasty treat toddlers love.

Gerber lil beanies
Lil’ Beanies come in original and white cheddar with broccoli, and the latter being her favorite of course. I’ve tried them myself just to see what she’s eating and they’re pretty good. You definitely can taste broccoli and cheese!

Now that she’s 14 months and becoming more and more picky with what she eats, I’m glad she’s loving these Lil’ Beanies since it makes it a whole lot easier to deal with hungry outbursts in the store or out and about in general.

Lil’ Beanies will always be in our cupboard; Because a happy baby is a happy mommy.

Brazi Bites – Love Your Food Review

I love supporting local companies, which is why I agreed to share this Brazi Bites post with you all today. BraziBites originally started in Portland, Oregon (right across the bridge from me) in 2009 since they were having a serious craving for Pão de Queijo, Brazil’s most popular snack food. It took until 2010 to come up with their magnificent recipe since the Minas cheese was not readily available in the U.S.

I got a chance to sample all 4 of their Brazi Bites products and I am happy to say they’re delicious; way better than what you’ll get with your pizza order on a Sunday night.

The flavors are Bacon (who doesn’t love bacon? mmm), Jalapeno pepper jack, garlic Asiago and original.


Cooking them was quite simple. The package instructions say to cook on a cookie sheet or parchment paper on a cookie sheet but I opted to use my pizza stone since it’s an all-over type of heat.

brazi bites

You preheat the oven to 400 and cook for 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

brazi bites

Wa-la, all done!

I decided to a couple of each in my fettuccine Alfredo


I think the one that is most noticeable is the Jalapeno pepper jack of course because you get a hint of spicy which I love, so I’d have to say that one was my favorite, but I definitely loved them all. They have a unique cheesy blend taste that goes well with Alfredo in my opinion. Best of all, anyone that is on a gluten free lifestyle can enjoy these as well. There’s also no GMO’s, no added sugar and no soy!

And now you can find these at the NE Portland Costco location. And they found out they will be airing on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday Nov. 20th.  Be sure to check it out!

Kids Eat Free Now Thru September 30 at Joe’s Crab Shack!

unnamedEvery time my birthday rolls around, my husband usually takes me out to any place I’d like to eat. For me, it’s usually seafood since it’s an expensive treat that we usually only opt-in for on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and such. I like Joe’s Crab Shack because they’re reasonable and the atmosphere is fun! I had my birthday there last year with one of my sisters and a couple of my cousins and husband. The buckets of crab are cooked to perfection and are mouth-watering deliciousness! Cracking the crab can be a little tedious but it’s all worth it in the end.


Another great thing about Joe’s Crab Shack is they’re having a special promotion where Kids Eat FREE (13 and under) from Sept 8 – Sept 30th! The awesome thing about this promotion is that up to 3 kids eat free per table if 3 adult entree’s are purchased. This is for dine-in only and is not valid with any other offer. This is perfect for those looking for an affordable night out!

Joe’s Crab Shack is also raising money for the No Kid Hungry Campaign. If you make a small donation, you will receive a coupon for a future visit. 

I wish my daughter was old enough to eat, I know where I’d be going this month!

unnamed (1)

Be sure to let all your family and friends know about this Kids Eat Free promotion from Joe’s Crab Shack, I’m sure they’d appreciate it, especially if they usually can’t afford to have a night out with the kiddos.

Indulge and Save this Summer with Blue Bunny!

With how hot it’s been, you bet I’ll be picking up a Sunday newspaper on August 2nd to get a special offer on Blue Bunny ice cream cartons, cones, sandwiches and bars redeemable at a retailer near you.


Whether it’s the signature Bunny Tracks, classic Simply Vanilla ice cream sandwiches or irresistibly fun Mini Swirls, ice cream aficionados throughout all 50 states can choose from tantalizingly tasty Blue Bunny ice cream flavors and a delectable collection of cones, sandwiches and bars.b5b2a35aba09a90752b4468bcbe6b648

Made in Le Mars, Iowa, Blue Bunny uses fresh milk sourced from local dairy farms and turns it into delicious ice cream within 24 hours.

For more information about Blue Bunny, visit www.bluebunny.com.