Fun Craft Activities For the Kids to do During the Holiday Chaos!

Fun Craft Activities For the Kids to do During the Holiday Chaos!

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The holidays are kind of weird around here since I grew up doing them with my family, but my husband did not. Although I try to oblige my husband’s beliefs, I still have my own, so I feel like we need to meet somewhere in the middle at times.

Like this year, we celebrated Thanksgiving and that’s because my step-dad had just passed of cancer this last September and it’s a really hard time right now for my mom. The things she needs most right now is love, support, and family because she’s just lost as most people would be under these circumstances.

So we all helped out as much as we could with dinner this year, and mom did a couple things to keep busy as well.

There were so many of our kids running around being loud, causing chaos so my sister ended up bringing some crafts for them to do at the table while us other adults tried to prep food. I never got around to snapping photos of the action, but I did snap a couple of photos of the cute creations!

Fun Craft Activities For the Kids to do During the Holiday Chaos!

Make Festive Snowmen, Penguins, Reindeer, etc.

You can find precut material at any local craft store, or you can do your own and cut them out on a die-cut machine, or if you’re super crafty, cut them out of cardstock and construction paper and use a little school glue. These ones were simple because they had a sticker like back which was perfect for the little ones to apply without making a mess.

Paint Rocks and Hide Them

We love finding rocks around our city by people from the Vancouver, Wa rocks group on FB. So, we decided to paint some of our own to hide for others to find.

Just need to find some rocks and use a little craft paint. If you want your design to stay put, grab some waterproof mod podge if putting outdoors.

Painting designs is a fun way to brighten someone’s day, and a perfect everyday craft to do with the kiddos.

Gather Walnut Shells and Make Cute Animals

My mom has a walnut tree in the backyard so this was a perfect craft activity for us. We used a little craft glue, cardstock and paint and created a cute little green turtle and an orange pumpkin. It was super easy and fun to think up ideas.

And don’t forget to eat lunch while prepping dinner!

Amidst the chaos is forgetfulness. Sometimes you get so caught up in everything that you forget to have a quick bite to eat.

Grab a Red Baron Classic Crust Pizza while you wait hours for the turkey to cook. And if your kids are anything like ours, they’ll eat pizza over turkey any day!

We love Red Baron because it tastes great and the classic crust gets crispy on our pizza stone, just how i like it!

Hope these tips will help you calm the chaos around the holidays.

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