Life is Precious: Get Out & Make Memories


After the miserable week I’ve had, we needed to find something fun to do as a family this past weekend. So we planned an outing to the Portland, Oregon Zoo for the Zoo Lights that they put on every year during the holidays. It was neat, but the rain and cold made for unhappy kids. And, if you’re from the PNW area, then you know exactly what I am talking about. This is why we had to get hot cocoa to warm our bellies while there!


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5 Tips When Visiting SeaWorld in San Diego, California

We had a lot of things planned for our trip to San Diego, but SeaWorld® was our first adventure! Seeing my daughters face light up as we walk up to SeaWorld is one of the reasons I get joy from being a parent.

The first thing we did when we entered the park, grabbed a map. It has all sorts of useful info on them, like times for the dolphin, orcas and sea lions shows and directions around the park since it’s pretty big! Our first stop after we strolled around the park was the dolphin habitat area.

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The Perfect Treat For Family Movie Night + Giveaway

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When visiting the theater as a kid, I’d literally run to the popcorn and candy counter.  I still run to this day, only I’m a little bit slower. 😉 There’s just something about salty and savory treats while watching a blockbuster movie on the big screen!

My husband and I used to be able to see movies 3 times a month, but since having our daughter, that has diminished to twice a year, if that.

But having a kid doesn’t stop us from enjoying a good flick, we just have to wait a little longer for them to be released to Redbox so we can watch them at home on our very own big screen.

And you can’t watch a movie at home without a delicious treat. Our favorite treat is chocolate, more specifically, this new MILKA OREO Chocolate candy bar.

The Perfect Treat For Family Movie Night

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My Baby Girl is 2 Today

Time flies by when you’re older, but even more so when you’re a mom.

I am so thankful for this little girl who’s helped brighten my days with her cheerfulness and quirks. Life would be dull without her, let’s just put it that way.

In the blink of an eye, she went from my chubby and cute, helpless baby to my sweet, cute, independent toddler who’s full of personality.

In celebration of her birth, I decided I would take her to a bakery or ice cream shop since she has a major sweet tooth like mom. Every day, she’ll be like “mommy, chocolate?” which is cute but kind of bad. I’ve got her hooked on chocolate peanut butter. I mean,  no one can resist that and if you can, well then, you’re a weirdo. LOL

I ended up meeting up with my mom and sister and had lunch at DQ. I declined the ice cream because well, we don’t want any of that soft serve nonsense! We want the good, real stuff from Ice Cream Renaissance in Downtown, Vancouver.

I selected the brownie sundae to share which was delicious of course.

Everyone says to be prepared for the “terrible two’s” but I feel like everything has been a joy so far. I enjoy watching her learn and pick up new words, seeing her recognize animals, shapes, and foods. She amazes me every day with how intelligent she is.

Random Facts at 2:

She thinks farts are funny like mommy.

She likes to hide, which consists of putting things over her face and saying “where’s Arya?” If I can’t see mommy and daddy, mommy and daddy can’t see me either!

She loves picking her boogies and handing them to me.

She loves her tablet, almost a little too much. My grandma was amazed at how well she can control it since she herself needs help turning hers on. LOL

She loves books and story time.

She loves singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Every morning I go into her room after I see her awake on the baby monitor, she says “Hi, Mommy!” first thing. Melts my heart.

She only wants mommy to lay in bed with her at bedtime.

She is a total mama’s girl.

Looks more like daddy with his blue eyes, but has mama’s hair color. Mine started out strawberry-blonde like hers and now it’s a bit darker.


Although I want her to slow down on growing, I can’t wait to see what this little lady becomes.

Happy Birthday my baby girl, mama loves you.

Mount Hood Trip: This Time With Snow

I should have known that Mount Hood in November was too early in the year for any snow to play in, but I am glad we were able to snag an open vacancy on his bosses HUGE cabin again for Jan 22-25th, because there was copious amounts! We didn’t think we would be able to since he’s trying to fight the association on not being able to rent it out for money.

Such a huge difference when there’s snow eh?

I almost wasn’t feeling like snow AGAIN since we just got over ours last week, but it was still fun and a totally different vibe and environment.

We decided to go up before check in time for some inner tubing at the adventure park but was completely thrown off on the price for 1 hour of tubing; $15 per person including small children so it ended up costing us $75 to slide down on a tube for 1 hour since my sister and her daughter tagged along too. Yes, it was fun and all, but that’s a bit steep for an hour of freezing your butt off!!

And then the tots didn’t even want to go down after the first time. It was way too big of a hill for them to handle at their age, so was basically $30 wasted. OH well, you won’t know what they’ll like unless you try it. So we didn’t get to go down as much as we had hoped since we had to take turns while watching the girls. Essentially, the tubing is a waste of money unless you’re going with big kids, so let that be a warning to you if you’re reading this and contemplating it.

After we were done there, we headed over to the house which is about a 5-minute drive with the snow. They both pretty much passed out at that time, which gave us a little bit of time to get the car unpacked.

Then we waited for a few people from my husbands family to arrive and played some games and had a few drinks. Well, they played games. I am not the type of person to play games that involve making a complete fool out of yourself because one, I am shy and two, I can’t act. It was funny to watch tho and eventually I got swindled into joining. Thankfully I didn’t draw any acting cards or I probably would have pooed my pants.

The next day we did a little venturing outside and walked to the general store with our crappy sled we brought.

We started heading back to the cabin and I decided to lay my niece on the sled and pull her since she would topple over while sitting up. She ended up passing out on the ride back! Cracked me up, but so cute.

We didn’t really do much the rest of the day since his sister was leaving that night since she wasn’t feeling well.

But the following day we went up to the actual mountain and took a couple photos. The girls passed out on the drive so we didn’t get to walk around too much, but that was okay, I mainly wanted pictures anyways. Only, I need to figure out the correct settings for such bright mountainous photos because it looks blown out and I could barely keep my eyes open for the photo. I was laughing so hard I was crying too!

After the girls woke up, we took them outside since they passed out before we could play in the snow for the day and ended up spotting a hill towards the left of the cabin. I wished we would have spotted it first thing since this was the highlight of our trip. Arya even let me take her down it with me, and we were going pretty fast as well. I think I even heard her say wee once, and heck, we could have saved 75$ too!

The girls were getting red and cold so we decided to come in and make lunch.

We ended up watching a movie that evening and went home the next day since my sister and husband had to work.

It was fun and I hope we can do it again with snow. In fact, my husband’s work retreat will be up there next month. Lol

We’re getting a lot of mountain time this year! But we love it.

Portland Area Got Snow!

We finally got some decent snow which is kind of a rarity around here in the winter time. A record was set for the most snow accumulated in a 24 hour period, which was around a foot. It was a great treat for the new year and I am glad Arya got to see and enjoy it since we weren’t sure if we’d be making it back up to the mountain again this year.

She got super excited about the “no” as she calls it, so much so that she stayed up til midnight watching it come down on the roof, trees and streets. I couldn’t wait to get her outside after breakfast the next morning.

While I was cooking, I had to put on Frozen and sing along of course. “Do you wanna build a nomaaaaaaaan?” Then we bundled up with our snow gear, went outside and built our fabulous non carrot nosed snow man.

We used sand toys to do snow castles, only we weren’t fast enough before Godzilla Arya came stomping down the ice pillars.

We tried sledding with her on one of the roads and she wasn’t too excited about it since dad pulled her a little too fast previously which caused her to topple over. I think we need a better sled, but it did it’s purpose.

After a few times, she finally started enjoying it.

I love seeing this smile on her face. She just warms my heart.

We did a little wandering in the back yard and I had to kick and stomp a path for her to move around since it was so deep back there. I guess that’s where the wind blew it.

Our snow lasted for about a week until it started turning into ice. We slid a couple times while driving in the outback, which was rather scary. I think we need to purchase winter tires specifically instead of just all weather tires because clearly they didn’t work out too well since we almost fish tailed into a parked car on the side of the road.

But at least it’s gone now and we’re back to rain. Yippy!

Love that PNW weather.

2 Days of Fun at the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield, WA

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d go to this fair every year. The memories I have spending time with the family here, is something I’ll have with me forever.  As I’ve gotten older though, it’s become less fun. Partly because, the insane upside down rides make my brain feel like scrambled eggs and throw my equilibrium off, and 2nd, I’m the one paying for it now. Boo!

But none of that matters. All that matters is letting Arya enjoy it and making those fun memories with my little girl.

Normally I am cringing at the prices of things at the fair, like $7 for a corn dog? $30 for ride bracelets? lol I remember when it was so much cheaper, but it’s a once a year thing that I’m willing to splurge a little on for a day of family fun.

I was hoping Arya would be able to ride some of the kiddie rides with me or dad, but most of the kiddie rides were 36″, and I think she’s about 33″, so she was only able to ride on the carousel according to the signs.

clark county fair

We were able to talk a carney into letting us take her on the rotating strawberry, which was cute. She loves strawberries! I mean, who doesn’t!?

She enjoyed it since she loves spinning in our computer chairs.

Next we had to head over to the family fun park and let her ride a pony since she’s enthralled with her rocking horse that makes horsey sounds (which she replicates pretty well I might add).

As soon as she spotted them, she was squeeling with joy. I knew she’d love it!

clark county fair

When it was time to get off, she cried. My poor girl needs a real pony.

Luckily some family in my husbands hometown have some horses that she can see and ride when we visit, which won’t  cost us $7 for less than 5 minutes. Eek!

clark county fair

She didnt get upset the next day since I think she got a big dose of numerous horses in the horse barn right before. She loved when they’d come over and say hi to her through the gate, and she would reach out and touch their noses.

We didnt watch any concerts since they start at 7pm and we were ready to go home by then, nor did we play any carnival games. But that’s okay, we endulged on food, barns and exhibits.

clark county fair
Arya and the baby goat were curious about each other’s flavor…

clark county fair

It was great fun as you can see..and I can’t wait til next year when she can enjoy the rides more.


What Do You Know, I Have Another Niece…

It’s only the 20th one. Lol No, just kidding.

I have 3 sisters.

my first sister had 2 girls, then a boy (guess 3rd time was the charm) and now shes due with another girl in October. Then she’ll have 3 kids under 3. I think she’s kinda crazy… but, that’s just me.

my 2nd sister, has 2 girls and just had her 3rd girl arrive August 1st (the reason for this post).

my 3rd sister has 1 girl, but i imagine she’ll be pregnant again in no time and it’ll be a girl.

And I of course have my daughter.

So as you can see, we’re an all girl posse.

My poor nephew Braylon doesn’t stand a chance with his siblings and cousins. Poor fella.

They say it’s all dependent on the male for which sex you get, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. I’ve found some information online (that I of course take with a grain of salt) that states some findings suggest that it also has to do with the vaginal PH. This results in the sperm of each deciding sex to live longer or die faster.

Apparently you can test your vaginal PH with a test strip and find out if you’re more alkaline (to get a boy) or acidic (to get a girl). A vaginal PH of between 4 and 4.5 is ideal for conceiving a girl, while a vaginal PH of between 7.5 to 9 is perfect for conceiving a boy.

I think im going to order the strips and have myself and my siblings do the test since I’m curious. And if we’re all acidic that would explain the reasoning for all the girls, at least in my mind it would.

Anyways, id like to welcome my new baby neice Alexis. Isn’t she adorable? She weighed 8lbs, 4oz and 19 and 3/4″ long. Her biggest baby yet, but still not bigger than mine. heh.


Has anyone tested the PH theory?

Baby girl update: She’s 15 months now

Or should I say toddler update since she’s the size of a 2-3 year old. Lol My baby has always been in the 98th percentile and she got it from her mama. Poor girl!

She’s running around now causing as much havoc as possible. She turns the house upside in 2 seconds, literally. Oh the joys of having a constantly messy house. It was never like immaculate clean, but I at least had things organized and put away. Those days are now long gone. So if you can’t stand a messy house, you may not want to visit ours.

She still only has 8 teeth. I’m surprised her molars haven’t started to come in yet, but I aint rushing, cause I hear those are the worst, not only for baby but for parents too! Eek.

Shes starting to play with her toys more so  now than when we first got them. Maybe she was just too little or just not interested before, but thankfully my money didn’t go down the pooper and they’re getting some use out of them. That’s one thing I need to stop doing is buying toys, then shes going to think she constantly gets a new one everytime I go to the store. But, it’s so hard to pass up a good clearance deal at Target. I LOVE TARGET!!! SQUEE. If you’re in the area stopping by and I’m not at home, I’m most likely at Target. Lol

Her vocabulary is getting better. She says mama, daddy, memma (emma) her cousin, owe, wee, yeehaw (Thanks sheriff callie), no (my fault), yes, A for her abc’s, she does the count from sesame streets laugh, ni ni (night night), bye and hi, and some random correct words that she’ll say once. And we’re like, did she really just say that? She’s like a copy machine. I know all kids are. But one night, a few days after the fourth, I said shit when I heard a loud firework go off near us cause my cat was outside and she’ll take off, then of course she copies and said shit too. Thankfully it never stuck and it was a one time thing but it reminds me that I need to be aware that she’s in the learning stage and I have to be careful. Oops!

I still haven’t figured out how to transition her to her room, but I’m completely fine with co sleeping. My husband, however, is not. He told me if we don’t get her moved out of our bed so he can have at least 9 months of good sleep, we won’t be having another baby. Lol lil does he know he isn’t the only one that gets to have a say.

I ordered some bumpers to prevent her from falling off the bed in her room, so ill see how we do with that, even if I have to sleep with her a few night since she’s still breastfeeding. That’s mainly the reason I keep her in our room, cause she still acts like a newborn with her eating schedule. It’s tiring, but I know shes not ready to stop just yet.

This post is long enough so ill stop here until next time. 🙂