Baby girl update: She’s 15 months now

Baby girl update: She’s 15 months now

Or should I say toddler update since she’s the size of a 2-3 year old. Lol My baby has always been in the 98th percentile and she got it from her mama. Poor girl!

She’s running around now causing as much havoc as possible. She turns the house upside in 2 seconds, literally. Oh the joys of having a constantly messy house. It was never like immaculate clean, but I at least had things organized and put away. Those days are now long gone. So if you can’t stand a messy house, you may not want to visit ours.

She still only has 8 teeth. I’m surprised her molars haven’t started to come in yet, but I aint rushing, cause I hear those are the worst, not only for baby but for parents too! Eek.

Shes starting to play with her toys more so  now than when we first got them. Maybe she was just too little or just not interested before, but thankfully my money didn’t go down the pooper and they’re getting some use out of them. That’s one thing I need to stop doing is buying toys, then shes going to think she constantly gets a new one everytime I go to the store. But, it’s so hard to pass up a good clearance deal at Target. I LOVE TARGET!!! SQUEE. If you’re in the area stopping by and I’m not at home, I’m most likely at Target. Lol

Her vocabulary is getting better. She says mama, daddy, memma (emma) her cousin, owe, wee, yeehaw (Thanks sheriff callie), no (my fault), yes, A for her abc’s, she does the count from sesame streets laugh, ni ni (night night), bye and hi, and some random correct words that she’ll say once. And we’re like, did she really just say that? She’s like a copy machine. I know all kids are. But one night, a few days after the fourth, I said shit when I heard a loud firework go off near us cause my cat was outside and she’ll take off, then of course she copies and said shit too. Thankfully it never stuck and it was a one time thing but it reminds me that I need to be aware that she’s in the learning stage and I have to be careful. Oops!

I still haven’t figured out how to transition her to her room, but I’m completely fine with co sleeping. My husband, however, is not. He told me if we don’t get her moved out of our bed so he can have at least 9 months of good sleep, we won’t be having another baby. Lol lil does he know he isn’t the only one that gets to have a say.

I ordered some bumpers to prevent her from falling off the bed in her room, so ill see how we do with that, even if I have to sleep with her a few night since she’s still breastfeeding. That’s mainly the reason I keep her in our room, cause she still acts like a newborn with her eating schedule. It’s tiring, but I know shes not ready to stop just yet.

This post is long enough so ill stop here until next time. 🙂

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies: A Healthy Snack Your Toddler Will Love

Gerber® Lil’ Beanies: A Healthy Snack Your Toddler Will Love

We’re not new in trying out Gerber® Lil’ Beanies baked snacks. I seen them on sale one day at Target through the cartwheel app when they first came out and had to get them to try out for my lil babe. She absolutely loves them, so I get them at least once a week for her to snack on.

This last trip to Target, I had experienced a crying fit, which she had never done in the store before. I’m assuming it was because she was hungry since she didnt want to eat much of her lunch. As soon as I opened up the Lil’ Beanies in the store, she began devouring them and calmed down.

Gerber lil beanies

These are the perfect on the go baked treat for my lil babe since they have 2g of protein and 1g of fiber per serving. I feel good knowing shes eating a healthy snack as these are made with navy beans and also contain 10% of the daily value of vitamin E. There’s no GMO’s, artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives. Just a tasty treat toddlers love.

Gerber lil beanies
Lil’ Beanies come in original and white cheddar with broccoli, and the latter being her favorite of course. I’ve tried them myself just to see what she’s eating and they’re pretty good. You definitely can taste broccoli and cheese!

Now that she’s 14 months and becoming more and more picky with what she eats, I’m glad she’s loving these Lil’ Beanies since it makes it a whole lot easier to deal with hungry outbursts in the store or out and about in general.

Lil’ Beanies will always be in our cupboard; Because a happy baby is a happy mommy.

Little Sprouts Silicone Pacifier Clip and Teether

Little Sprouts Silicone Pacifier Clip and Teether

Since Arya is still breastfeeding at 13 months and likes to play with things while doing it  (including clawing at my face), I wanted to try out this pacifier clip.

little sprouts teether

Its so cute, and doubles as a teether as well, which is good, because she literally wants to chew on everything she can get her hands on;  including the corkboard type material underneath our coasters and her cardboard books. UGH!

I knew we’d be traveling, so I wanted to get something like this for the plane rides and for when we’re out and about in the stroller. Something to occupy her that she won’t lose, since it easily clips to her shirt. (We ended up losing her first favorite teether while in Vegas and we’re both pretty sad about it)

The first time I clipped it, I must not have gotten it right, because she pulled it right off.

The second time I put it deeper onto the shirt and didn’t have any issues.

Love it!

Thanks Jesentials for providing this free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Traveling to Vegas With a Baby Part 1

Traveling to Vegas With a Baby Part 1

Vegas was interesting, to say the least

It’s like a whole other experience when you have to be a responsible adult. Hah.

The first day was pure chaos.

There’s so much extra crap you have to bring when you have kids.. like a car seat, stroller, diaper bag, toys, food, etc etc. I felt like I was moving across the country with how much stuff we shoveled into the airport by ourselves.

The flight there was fine. No turbulence and only one loud outburst from baby. I thought she would end up taking a nap during the 2-hour flight since she usually does around that time, but nope.

New environment, too much excitement… must stay awake mommy! She did end up falling asleep for the last 20 min we were in the air. Hey, I’ll take what I can get!

So we grab our million items once we get off the plane and go catch the shuttle bus to the car rental place and wait in a long line. My husband was stressing cause his friend was the first UFC fight of the day which started at 3 pm. We landed at 1 pm and got to the shuttle at 1:30 pm. We should have had plenty of time to grab the car and go. Nope. Apparently I scheduled the car pick up for the following day, so our car wasn’t even there. It took an hour back and forth to finally get a minivan, which added $10 to our bill. My husband wasn’t happy about having a minivan when we booked a small SUV, but we didn’t have time to mess around. We finally get going and it’s like a little after 2:30 and he still has to drop me and baby off at Harrah’s to check-in. Next time we’ll just plan for a pickup service from Limo Find

Needless to say, he didn’t end up making it there before 3 pm and actually missed his friend’s fight which got stopped due to injury. This was kind of the whole point of our trip, but we had no clue when he’d be fighting, otherwise, we could have scheduled better flight time for him to make it. It sucks, but what can ya do?

So I was alone with baby waiting to get the check-in email alert that my room was ready but nothing ever came. So I had to go stand in a line after all even though I attempted to avoid it by the email text check-in they sent the day of our arrival. Meh.

Once I got into the room though, it was great; nice and newly updated. Not the nicest room we’ve ever stayed in, but it was pretty decent!

harrahs las vegas

I basically just stayed in the room to nap with her and walked around the hotel a bit to get food.

Other than that it was a pretty boring first day…

Since this post is long enough, ill update with another.

Being a New Mom Has Challenges; Using Dreft Lessens Some of Them! #Amazinghood

dreft baby shower bundle

“This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.”


When I had my little one a year ago, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect, or know what I REALLY needed. There’s so many things at the store for babies and children that are so unnecessary that it’s hard to decipher what you should get and what you shouldn’t. But, one of the things I knew we had to have, but didn’t get at our baby shower was the real necessities, like Dreft baby laundry supplies.

I’ve used Dreft ever since Arya was born and prefer it because it smells great without being overpowering, is gentle enough for my little ones sensitive skin and is tough on her food stained clothes since she’s eating solids regularly.


If you haven’t stocked up on Dreft, I highly recommend requesting it at your baby shower if you have one coming up, along with diapers, because you’ll be going through so much laundry from blowouts that you wished you had an endless supply.  Forget the diaper pails, the wipe warmers and what have you. Both are unnecessary expenses that will save you money in the long run for the things you DO need if you leave them off your to buy list.

Dreft believes that for many moms and dads, doing baby’s laundry is more than just an ongoing chore – it serves as a way to relish in the amazing moments and stages of babyhood.

As babies grow and develop, laundry needs change for both little ones and their families, which is why Dreft introduced a line of laundry products that are specially designed for different stages of babyhood.

  • Dreft Stage 1: Newborn
  • Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby
    – Helps remove 99% of baby food stains
    – Helps remove dirt and grass stains for your crawling baby
  • and Dreft Blissfuls

Dreft is also partnering with popular reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe from “The Bachelor” to celebrate their new role as expectant parents and share their beautiful, messy journey of “amazinghood.”

I watched these two on Sean’s season of the Bachelor and felt like they had the least connection. Just goes to show that I know nothing like Jon Snow. ha!

Sean and Catherine Lowes’ parenting journey and partnership with Dreft commenced at their Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower (on April 27th) – where the couple was showered with all the love, support and essentials needed to prepare them for the arrival of their precious new baby.

Reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe celebrate their pregnancy at the Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower, Wednesday, April 27, 2016, in New York. Visit and the brand’s social channels for more information about the couple’s parenting journey. (Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dreft/AP Images)

(Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dreft/AP Images)

When asked about their baby shower registry, Sean and Catherine have noted that Dreft Newborn detergent was a must have. Their parents used it, their friends recommended it, and the smell of freshly washed baby clothes has made them even more excited for the little one’s arrival.

Over the next year, everyone can share in the Lowe’s journey through #Amazinghood by following Dreft on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where Sean and Catherine will be sharing exclusive content and messy memories.

In partnership with Dreft #amazinghood, they’d like to provide one of my readers with a special baby shower gift that will contain

Dreft product (Newborn, Active Baby, & Blissfuls)
Little Me Welcome to the World Bib and Burp Set
Little Me Giraffe Gown
Gender Neutral Lovey

dreft baby shower bundle

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If you’re new here and need tips on breastfeeding, check out my posts. 🙂