Being a New Mom Has Challenges; Using Dreft Lessens Some of Them! #Amazinghood

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When I had my little one a year ago, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect, or know what I REALLY needed. There’s so many things at the store for babies and children that are so unnecessary that it’s hard to decipher what you should get and what you shouldn’t. But, one of the things I knew we had to have, but didn’t get at our baby shower was the real necessities, like Dreft baby laundry supplies.

I’ve used Dreft ever since Arya was born and prefer it because it smells great without being overpowering, is gentle enough for my little ones sensitive skin and is tough on her food stained clothes since she’s eating solids regularly.


If you haven’t stocked up on Dreft, I highly recommend requesting it at your baby shower if you have one coming up, along with diapers, because you’ll be going through so much laundry from blowouts that you wished you had an endless supply.  Forget the diaper pails, the wipe warmers and what have you. Both are unnecessary expenses that will save you money in the long run for the things you DO need if you leave them off your to buy list.

Dreft believes that for many moms and dads, doing baby’s laundry is more than just an ongoing chore – it serves as a way to relish in the amazing moments and stages of babyhood.

As babies grow and develop, laundry needs change for both little ones and their families, which is why Dreft introduced a line of laundry products that are specially designed for different stages of babyhood.

  • Dreft Stage 1: Newborn
  • Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby
    – Helps remove 99% of baby food stains
    – Helps remove dirt and grass stains for your crawling baby
  • and Dreft Blissfuls

Dreft is also partnering with popular reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe from “The Bachelor” to celebrate their new role as expectant parents and share their beautiful, messy journey of “amazinghood.”

I watched these two on Sean’s season of the Bachelor and felt like they had the least connection. Just goes to show that I know nothing like Jon Snow. ha!

Sean and Catherine Lowes’ parenting journey and partnership with Dreft commenced at their Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower (on April 27th) – where the couple was showered with all the love, support and essentials needed to prepare them for the arrival of their precious new baby.

Reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe celebrate their pregnancy at the Dreft “Loads of Love” baby shower, Wednesday, April 27, 2016, in New York. Visit and the brand’s social channels for more information about the couple’s parenting journey. (Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dreft/AP Images)
(Diane Bondareff/Invision for Dreft/AP Images)

When asked about their baby shower registry, Sean and Catherine have noted that Dreft Newborn detergent was a must have. Their parents used it, their friends recommended it, and the smell of freshly washed baby clothes has made them even more excited for the little one’s arrival.

Over the next year, everyone can share in the Lowe’s journey through #Amazinghood by following Dreft on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where Sean and Catherine will be sharing exclusive content and messy memories.

In partnership with Dreft #amazinghood, they’d like to provide one of my readers with a special baby shower gift that will contain

Dreft product (Newborn, Active Baby, & Blissfuls)
Little Me Welcome to the World Bib and Burp Set
Little Me Giraffe Gown
Gender Neutral Lovey

dreft baby shower bundle

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If you’re new here and need tips on breastfeeding, check out my posts. 🙂

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18 comments on “Being a New Mom Has Challenges; Using Dreft Lessens Some of Them! #Amazinghood

  1. I personally love the smell of dreft but when you’re on a budget it can be a little expensive. Maybe I’ll try finding coupons for it.

  2. Being a new mom certainly does have it’s challenges, I used to use Dreft when my kids were younger. It really is a great product to have on hand for sensitive skin!

  3. I’ve always loved using Dreft. It works so great on clothes. I use to even use it on my own clothes. It smells so good.

  4. I like to add Dreft to my baby shower gift baskets i make. It is great for getting those gross baby stains out.

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