Baby girl update: She’s 15 months now

Baby girl update: She’s 15 months now

Or should I say toddler update since she’s the size of a 2-3 year old. Lol My baby has always been in the 98th percentile and she got it from her mama. Poor girl!

She’s running around now causing as much havoc as possible. She turns the house upside in 2 seconds, literally. Oh the joys of having a constantly messy house. It was never like immaculate clean, but I at least had things organized and put away. Those days are now long gone. So if you can’t stand a messy house, you may not want to visit ours.

She still only has 8 teeth. I’m surprised her molars haven’t started to come in yet, but I aint rushing, cause I hear those are the worst, not only for baby but for parents too! Eek.

Shes starting to play with her toys more so  now than when we first got them. Maybe she was just too little or just not interested before, but thankfully my money didn’t go down the pooper and they’re getting some use out of them. That’s one thing I need to stop doing is buying toys, then shes going to think she constantly gets a new one everytime I go to the store. But, it’s so hard to pass up a good clearance deal at Target. I LOVE TARGET!!! SQUEE. If you’re in the area stopping by and I’m not at home, I’m most likely at Target. Lol

Her vocabulary is getting better. She says mama, daddy, memma (emma) her cousin, owe, wee, yeehaw (Thanks sheriff callie), no (my fault), yes, A for her abc’s, she does the count from sesame streets laugh, ni ni (night night), bye and hi, and some random correct words that she’ll say once. And we’re like, did she really just say that? She’s like a copy machine. I know all kids are. But one night, a few days after the fourth, I said shit when I heard a loud firework go off near us cause my cat was outside and she’ll take off, then of course she copies and said shit too. Thankfully it never stuck and it was a one time thing but it reminds me that I need to be aware that she’s in the learning stage and I have to be careful. Oops!

I still haven’t figured out how to transition her to her room, but I’m completely fine with co sleeping. My husband, however, is not. He told me if we don’t get her moved out of our bed so he can have at least 9 months of good sleep, we won’t be having another baby. Lol lil does he know he isn’t the only one that gets to have a say.

I ordered some bumpers to prevent her from falling off the bed in her room, so ill see how we do with that, even if I have to sleep with her a few night since she’s still breastfeeding. That’s mainly the reason I keep her in our room, cause she still acts like a newborn with her eating schedule. It’s tiring, but I know shes not ready to stop just yet.

This post is long enough so ill stop here until next time. 🙂



  1. Angelic Sinova
    / 11:25 PM

    Awww she’s so adorable! It’s funny how fast kids grow up. One day they’re saying “mama and dada” and the next day they are going to college lol.

  2. robin masshole mommy
    / 3:54 AM

    That is such a fun age. It seems like it was just yesterday that my boys were that age – and now they are going on 9 & 12.

  3. / 4:29 AM

    Kids grow up so fast. I love that you’re keeping up with all the fun stuff she does. I wish I had written more things down when my kids were little. You tend to forget those little things that are so important. She’s so cute!

  4. / 6:40 AM

    She is a baby doll. The time goes by so fast after you have kids, doesn’t it?

  5. / 8:29 AM

    It’s amazing how each child grows so differently. My youngest of 4 was so teeny tiny for the longest time…and then she jumped to the completely opposite side of the spectrum and is taller than most of her peers. The years go by fast. My oldest turned 15 last month and is starting to drive. Those are the things I never really thought of when my kids were little. While they keep you busy and you often feel tired when they are little, those years are actually really enjoyable. It seems as though you appreciate this concept and are making the most of your time with your daughter.
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  6. Pam
    / 9:02 AM

    Bumpers might be just the thing she needs to sleep in her bed. We got bumpers for my daughter’s bed when she was little and she started sleeping in it. I love Target too!!

  7. / 2:40 PM

    It sounds like she’s doing really well. Seeing their vocabularies expand is just amazing!

  8. Nisha Manohar
    / 11:28 PM

    Hey, that child of yours is adorable and i know she would be a proud daughter when she sees this one day.

  9. / 2:20 AM

    She is so adorable and looks very healthy! Kids grow up fast! I have 2 toddlers, a boy and a girl

  10. / 8:21 AM

    It really is so interesting how siblings can be different and how each child grows at their own pace. It’s fun watching their little personality come out too!
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  11. Bella
    / 4:44 PM

    Wow, she really is growing up so fast. I got so emotional when my kids started talking.

  12. Rebecca Swenor
    / 9:47 PM

    She is so adorable and I love the little swim suit she is wearing. I love that smile and you are right about the molars being the worst for everyone. Even through the growing pains, the sleepless nights, the teeth coming in, etc. you want to treasure the moments because it really does go by so fast. Thanks for sharing the updates on your little princess.

  13. christina aliperti
    / 10:08 PM

    Oh what a cutie! I love that bikini too, she’s a real beach beauty for sure.

  14. Kendall
    / 8:44 PM

    Aww what a cutie! That is the best age, they’re so alert and happy! Enjoy and congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

  15. CourtneyLynne
    / 11:53 AM

    Awwwww what a cutie!!!! They sure grow up fast! Be sure not to blink because before you know it she will be 4 like my not so little one!

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