Now, this isn’t an I know all things about potty training post because I am still in the process of trying to get my 2.5-year-old potty trained. She’s the size of a 4-year-old and I know the looks I get in public places when they see her in a diaper still are because she’s not wearing underwear. Little do they know, she’s big for her age. But that’s beside the point.

For about a couple months now, my daughter has been letting me know she’s pooped and/or peed and wants to be changed. She actually started sitting on the potty around the age of 2 and did pee in it once, but she hasn’t since. It could be because I kind of squealed and sat her down on her potty and maybe that frightened her, I dunno? Our real toilet is also very loud when flushed; It sounds like a jet engine, no joke.

But, How do you Make Potty Training Fun?

First, go pick up some Huggies Pull-Ups Plus from Costco.

You can save $7.00 on them right now through October 22. (if you’re still using diapers, you can save $8.50 on Huggies Plus Diapers too). I picked up the Pull-Ups Plus since they’re kind of like underwear and are easier for toddlers to slide on and off by themselves, especially if we’re not potty trained by the time our flight comes the 24th of this month. Those plane bathrooms are small enough without having to put a big toddler on the changing table, which I might add was too small when she was 7 months.

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If you want a little back story, here’s my first post on breastfeeding.

Although I was intent on making it work for as long as possible, that doesn’t mean I was thrilled or happy about it. I wanted to do what was best for baby, but this time around I think I want to do what is best for my mental health and well being and just enjoy the 2nd baby and my other child as much as possible.

I was tied to the couch pretty much 24/7 for the first 6 months either pumping or having my baby girl latched to the boob. There’s just no way possible that I am going to be able to do that with a now needy toddler running around.

I was also so angry at my husband for being able to do the things that I used to be able to do, like play video games, go out to bars for a drink or bite to eat with friends, concerts, etc. I just became permanently annoyed with him. I call it angry wife post partum. This wasn’t ALL the time, but it was frequent enough to bother me since I felt alone.

Breastfeeding is seriously one of the most stressful things I have done. Not just because I never had my boobs free, but the constant pain, the low supply issues and never getting a good nights rest. After she started eating solids steadily, it became better. I wasn’t always needing to constantly whip out the boob even though she would have prefered it. I could go to the store for an hour without having to find a place to sit down and feed her.

I know I shouldn’t have to explain my reasoning, but I know I will get “why’s?” since I breastfed my first for so long.

Those are my why’s, so please don’t judge. Yes, breast is best, but so is a happy, sane mother.

Yup, there’s a new one every couple of months! Ha

She arrived safely on October 5th and is a healthy 8lbs 1oz, which is her biggest yet.

Look at that cute little chunky face.

I was hoping she’d come out looking more like my sister since most of her kids look like their dad, but I guess our genes are not powerful enough since most of our families girls look like their dads.

I cant even remember my baby girl being that little and it was only 17 months ago.

I’ve been contemplating whether I should or shouldn’t have another kid myself. I feel like I have angry post partum. Not so towards my daughter, but my husband. I’m pretty sure it’s still steming from hormones and me not liking him going out often or playing video games while I get to sit at the house with our daughter. I feel like mostly everything has changed for me and nothing has changed for him. He’s toned down a bit since I told him I’m tired of him running off to play video games upstairs when he could be enjoying that time playing with his daughter. All I know is that if things don’t tone down more, I wont be having another baby. And he knows this.

Anyone else ever had angry post partum at their husbands?

Bird Themed Baby Shower For One of My Sisters

For the past couple months, I’ve been working on one of my sister’s baby showers (yes another one) all the while trying to focus more on blogging and my etsy shop. Etsy has been slow this month for me, so it’s given me a little breathing room to get stuff done in preparation for the baby shower.

Since my sister is obsessed with birds, I of course decided to do a bird themed baby shower since this will be her last child.

I bought most of my supplies from Joanns since I can use multiple coupons, which in turn saves me more money.

Bird Themed Baby Shower

Premade bird houses at Joanns are inexpensive. All you need is a little paint and some paint brushes.

The colors she wanted were mint and navy blue. I had a hard time finding mint colored items, so I made due with other color variations.

Bird themed Baby Shower

A bird house cant be a bird house without birds, so I then cut out a bird image on card stock paper and mod podged it onto the front. My plan was to stick it on top of a diaper cake. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a better photo than the one I took at 11pm the night before the baby shower.)

Bird themed Baby Shower

For baby showers, I try to create stuff that won’t get thrown away. That way, my time, money and energy isn’t wasted.

I then created a bird themed name banner out of card stock paper and ribbon. I always do a name instead of “baby shower” or “welcome baby” because they’re more likely be tossed in the trash.

Name banners can be hung in the nursery by a crib or bed.

Bird themed Baby Shower

I found this pink chalkboard sign at Michaels on clearance for a couple dollars, but I didn’t have mint colored vinyl so I decided to paint it the same color as the bird house and applied navy blue vinyl. The vinyl wasn’t wanting to stick to the paint, so I had to put a mod podge gloss coat over it to get it to stay. It worked and gave it a glossy effect instead of matte and flat!

I found the premade bird nest at a vintage shop for a few bucks, so I grabbed it and applied it with some mod podge as well.

Bird themed Baby Shower

For the item below, I had a little something different in mind. I didn’t find the right type of twig branch I wanted to use, so I made the thick branch work instead.

I cut out double sided birds in coordinating colors to the theme (I decided to add in pink since navy blue and mint didn’t scream WELCOME BABY GIRL Lol) and dangled them from twine. Then I added flowers onto the branch with some mod podge.

Bird themed Baby Shower

Makes a great backdrop and nursery decor for a little ones bird themed room.

Again, not the best photo, but I had no other place to hang it with natural light near.

I also made some bird shaped bird feeders out of bird seed, gelatin, honey and water. My friend picked up the bird seed and it wasn’t the right type. It didn’t want to dry very well inside the cookie cutters and kept breaking in spots. These 6 were the only ones to survive and then I left them at home. Go figure. They were supposed to be a favor gift for those who didn’t win any of the games or diaper raffle.

Bird themed Baby Shower

And unfortunately, the baby shower day we selected called for rain. There was no real protection from getting wet since we were outside at a park, so we packed stuff up and moved it to my sisters small apartment since half the people didn’t come anyways. I hate that! But at least she enjoyed it and I guess that’s all that matters. But, that’s PNW weather for ya! Felt like the first official day of Fall and looked like it too.

When I set stuff up at the baby shower, I didnt get any pics and neither did anyone else besides that one. There really wasn’t a place to put everything to make it cute, but I made due with the space we had.

For food, we did potato salad, chips, sandwhiches for the kids, pinwheels for adults, deviled eggs, a vegetable and fruit tray in the shape of an owl.

Bird themed baby shower

One of my other sisters did the fruit tray and I did the veggies.

Bird themed Baby Shower

I left the eye area open to put ranch when we arrived at the shower. Then you top it off with a couple of cherry tomatoes as well for the eyes.

And yes, that is a purple platter. I couldn’t find pink or blue. Lol

So this is our bird themed baby shower. I didn’t take a picture of a couple of things, but she loved it all. If she didn’t, I’d have to beat her. Ha.


This last week, my 16 month old daughter has been going through an “I don’t want to eat that, even though I’ve ate it before” stage. I am unsure if it’s just a picky phase, or if it has to do with her teething. She still only has the top 4 and bottom 4 teeth in currently, and I think she’s been dealing with molar pain since she’ll smack her ear when any sort of teething is about to occur. I have heard they start appearing anywhere from 14 months on up, so it’s probably about that time for us. DOH!

She did spike a fever at one point. AND I know Dr’s say it’s a coincidence, but from our experience, it seems to go hand-in-hand with teething. So my guess is we’re dealing with molars, even though I haven’t felt the little buggers pop through yet.

How to Treat Toddler Teething Pain

I do try to relieve her pain by following the steps below.

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