Fashionable Yet Practical Teething Silicone Necklaces for Baby and Mom

Fashionable Yet Practical Teething Silicone Necklaces for Baby and Mom

This post is brought to you by QALO and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

I can remember when my first daughter discovered her hands and mama’s jewelry. My ears survived quite a few yanks and my necklaces didn’t break (thankfully), but now I know better than to wear all of that with my second daughter.

I am not sure if Delilah is starting to teeth now at 3 months, or if it’s a growth spurt throwing her off; but she’s been drooling up a storm, been a little more cranky, not wanting to breastfeed as often, and has been gnawing on her hands excessively. Either way, I figured it was time to be prepared for what’s to come and picked out a couple of fashionable teething silicone necklaces for me to wear and for her to bite on by QALO while we’re at home or even on the go. It’ll keep her little hands and mouth busy while mommy can get stuff done around the house when I’m babywearing.

QALO are the makers of the functional silicone wedding ring and they just launched the new collection of silicone teething necklaces. And since I love teal, I went with the marble, teal and gray silicone hex and barrel necklace and the v-pendant in marble and gray, which even looks good on daddy!

You can even get it laser engraved with a name. I chose to do Delilah since she’ll be the one chewing on it. Hehe

There are three designs to choose from: the Dog Tag, V Pendant and the Hex and Barrel.

  • The Dog Tag is available in white marble, gray, teal, and blue moonstone.
  • The V Pendant is available in gray, blue moonstone, and black.
  • The Hex and Barrel comes in teal/white/marble/gray, white marble/gray and blue moonstone/white marble/gray.

What I like about these teething necklaces is that they’re 100% food grade silicone, BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Cadmium, Lead, and Heavy Metal free, which means it’s safe for my little one, and I don’t have to worry about her getting ill from having the silicone in her mouth. The cord is also made from durable nylon paracord which makes it able to withstand even the toughest tugs from the strongest of babies.

They’re shaped to look like real necklaces which are fashionable and practical for both baby and mom, which is perfect!

Head over to for more information.


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