Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System Review

Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System Review
Summer Infant graciously provided us a baby monitor to review for free. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are 100% our own.

My husband and I were excited to use this Summer Infant Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System mainly because of the WiFi capabilities and being able to see baby while we’re out and about. Perfect for date night if baby is in the crib sleeping while family is watching her or even if I am here at home and husband is at work and wants to take a peek.

Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor


I know there have been articles in the news lately with people hacking into baby monitors and talking to children, but these people most likely don’t have their WiFi set up to require a password. In fact, we have our internet hidden so no one can get into it.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the android summer infant app to work with this baby monitor yet, but I imagine if I tinker around with some router settings and whatnot, I can get it to collaborate with the baby monitor. I don’t have a need for the internet viewing system yet, but I will get to it when baby “A” arrives, which should be in the next couple of weeks.

When you take it out of the package, you’ll need to plug in the charger port for the Video Monitor and charge it up. It pretty much only took an hour or two to get it fully charged, which wasn’t bad at all. Then to start viewing, you’ll need to hold the power button down until the screen shows the bars moving fully towards the right, then you can let go.

There are many different settings on the touch screen video monitor, like for instance, you can move the camera angle or zoom in. Perfect for when baby is older and moves around in the crib and you can’t quite get the right angle. Just move it around with the directional pad arrows until you can see baby.

I also like the fact that it tells me the temperature of babies room since I don’t have a thermostat gauge in there.

Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System
  • Advanced technology: In home monitoring on handheld unit; View on smartphones, tablets and laptops in home or away via free summer link Wi-Fi app for Apple and Android; Secure login to bank level secure encrypted video; Expandable system
  • Image Quality: 2.5
  • Remote control: Pan, scan, zoom camera allows parents to keep a mobile baby in view; Two way communication; Monitor room temperature, with option for Fahrenheit or Celsius reading; Share viewing access with friends and family
  • Wi-Fi camera: automatically connects to home wireless network for secure in home and remote viewing; Internet status lights indicate connectivity states
  • App features: snapshot pictures stored on mobile device; Record a Video stored on mobile device; Privacy mode control or restrict access for out of home viewing; Split screen view 1-2 rooms on same screen when cameras added to system

Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor



We have the camera set up in her nursery and I am able to go downstairs and still have a connection, so that is important, especially when you need to get stuff done around the house. Our home is 1554 sq ft so take that into consideration. I was also able to go outside in the backyard, so that’s a plus!

Sound is perfect. You can definitely hear a little bit of static, but there’s not going to be 100% crystal clear clarity on a baby monitor. I was able to hear myself walking into the bedroom before I even entered the room and we have carpet.

Video clarity is not perfect, but it’s pretty good for only 2.5. I imagine if your room has a lot of natural light, it would be a whole ton better.

Summer Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor


Now I just need to decide if I want to stick the camera to the wall with the provided wall stickies or if I’ll have my husband put up a shelf since it’s supposed to be a certain amount of feet away from the crib for safety reasons. It’s fine where it’s at in that precaution, but I can’t exactly see inside of the crib so I’ll need to do the mentioned above.

Thank you again Summer Infant.



  1. Jeanine
    / 11:21 AM

    I love summer baby monitors. I had a really nice video one with my last baby. It worked so well I passed it on for my friend and she is currently loving it too! I would love one with capabilities for my phone. That would be amazing! So my hubby and I could both keep watch!
    Jeanine recently posted…Personalized Children’s Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Jenny
      / 12:26 PM

      It’s definitely a neat feature and I absolutely love Summer baby monitors too!

  2. / 4:55 PM

    What a great product! We don’t have kids yet, but hopefully soon. And when we do, I definitely want something like this so we can easily keep an eye on them.
    ashley recently posted…33 Ways To Celebrate Earth DayMy Profile

  3. Shelley Zurek
    / 5:31 PM

    Can your husband or you see the baby when at work? This would be such a great advantage of the phone app.
    Shelley Zurek recently posted…Spring ShopBop Sale PicksMy Profile

  4. Yolanda Williams
    / 8:33 PM

    Wow, this is actually an awesome device. Seems like such a great way to monitor your baby and an excellent idea for a baby shower. As for where to put it, I say it’s probably best to make a shelf and place it there. Great post and keep us posted
    Yolanda Williams recently posted…The Element of Mystery: 3 Simply Powerful Must Know Dating StrategiesMy Profile

  5. Vaneese
    / 10:31 PM

    If I ever decide to have another kid, I’m definitely getting one of these hi-tech monitors. The fact that you can view the baby via phone or tablet is amazing to me. Since most people are glued to their smartphones, it surely makes sense to create a monitor with those capabilities.
    Vaneese recently posted…Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School (Review)My Profile

  6. / 6:56 AM

    The WiFi based baby monitors still make me somewhat nervous though I suppose if you have it secured properly that shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also nice to have an option to use your phone.
    Kori Tomelden recently posted…What is habilitation?My Profile

    / 9:02 AM

    Baby monitors are extremely useful. This looks like a great investment for mother’s.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. / 11:22 AM

    This baby monitor looks so cool! I had no idea people were hacking into them and talking to the children that is CREEPY!!! However this looks like the Cadillac of baby monitors lol!

  9. / 10:24 AM

    This is an awesome baby monitor. We had one from Summer Baby for my first child but it wasn’t this cool. It would make a great baby shower gift!
    Kira T recently posted…Blogger OppMy Profile

  10. / 7:51 PM

    Wow I love this Baby Monitor with Wifi! Why wasn’t this invented 10 years ago when I had a baby! It would be perfect for my puppies now though! Thanks for the review.
    Melissa recently posted…Sauteed AsparagusMy Profile

  11. / 9:34 PM

    What a beautiful nursery you have. We also have a few indoor surveillance cameras. I love how sleek this one looks and that it includes sticky wall mounts. I love the idea of sticking it on the wall! It’s very cool that you can move it to the angel of your choice. It seems like a great camera to me!
    Joyce Duboise recently posted…Fiorelle Boutique Lacey Boot CuffsMy Profile

  12. Adam Wess
    / 8:56 AM

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