Down 32lbs and Counting!

As the blog title states, I am down 32lbs, but probably not so much after this night of drinking red bull and vodka. Damn the empty calories in booze. Luckily though I drank calorie free red bull, so I’m good there at least!

If it wasn’t for my damn birthday, I think I would be down to probably 195lbs instead of 198 from 230. But I will take what I can get. Nutrisystem will be over in a month, but I will be starting up on bioscience for 90 days so I hope to lose the extra weight through that. I want to be at a healthy, ideal weight for my body type and hopefully in time for my trip to Vegas in October. I cannot wait!!! I’m stoked I get to spend it with people I am close with who know how to have fun. I just hope there are no freak out dramatic episodes since one of my friends is really self conscious about their relationship. In a way I can relate to her since my boyfriend and her boyfriend are pretty much twins in a sense that they share the same brain pattern. I have learned after 6 and a half years that this is how he is. I have, however, toned him down a bit by telling him that the things that he does irritates me to no end, so he’s calmed down a bit.

Anyways, yay for weight loss. I cannot wait to be down even more!

Update: I woke up and I was 196.4. YESS!!


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    Hey, congratz on that weight loss! I found your blog initially because I’m considering going to EvCC for MT. Pros and cons, I know, but I’m already a homebody (distance ed. student for 4 years) and already used to living in my PJ’s. Might as well give MT a try- ha.

    Thanks for the info. on that and I’ll definitely avoid Nuance like the plague. ;0)
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