Vegas: We Have Arrived!!

Even though I’ve flown to Vegas 4 times now, this being my 4th, I am never fully prepared for the plane ride. It gives me major anxiety to where I need to shit a few times throughout the day. Maybe a little TMI?Anyways, we set out the door to head to my moms so she can take our car back home with her so we wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous parking fees for 5 days. We arrive at the airport, pick up our boarding passes and drop off our bags. Head to the security area and take off everything required upon entering their body scan machine. Some new thing they’re doing now, which makes me a bit nervous and creeped out because they can see your private parts. They say they are being removed by the TSA, but why are they still in Portland and Vegas airports?

Once we arrive in Vegas, we hop on the shuttle transport to pick up our car at Enterprise. This was kind of a breeze since we used the kiosk instead of waiting in the line for a half an hour. Although, they seemed to add on some more taxes and shit that weren’t included in our reservation prices. One thing I hate about Vegas is they nickle and dime you for EVERYTHING.

Now’s the time to pick up some booze at Walmart. Yes, Walmart of all places since it’s the cheapest booze place in town. We discovered that on our first trip since most drinks are $10+, even for wells, and you can get a $10 fifth at Walmart and some solo cups and walk around with your own booze. Bad thing is, you have to head to your room every time you want another drink though. But when you’re staying downtown, it’s not too bad. However, on the strip is another story since each hotel is miles and miles long, so you kind of have to get a drink in between trips back to your room.

We always grab a fifth of spiced rum, regular rum (since there’s a million places for slushy drinks and that’s what they mainly use [we bring flasks for this very reason]) and vodka for our 2 night stay downtown at the D.

We start heading downtown because there’s this Mexican place that was really good and inexpensive right across from El Cortez that a friend likes since we were all starving for food. Unfortunately when we got down there, we noticed that it was out of business. So then we park our cars and start walking down Fremont to find food. Normally we go to the place with the big beer mug outside for breakfast, but their service and food has gone down hill since the first time we ate there and so we tried to avoid that place, but then I was like well we can go to the place next door which was a fish house. I think they are owned and operated by the same people because the service and food was subpar still.

A couple of our friends head back to the airport around 9pm to pick up our friends that had to be fashionably late and check them in and hang out until around midnight on the strip where they were staying. After that, they head back downtown to chill with us some.  So there’s 8 of us hanging out in our room, listening to music, drinking booze, and around 2:30, 3:00 am we decided that we were hungry so we start walking down fremont which BTW is dead at that time. You won’t find the strip dead, but maybe that’s a good thing? We end up going into the Fremont hotel and find this 3.99 cafe for the Duece Breakfast, which features 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of sausage, 2 eggs and hash browns. Not bad for the price when there’s nothing else opened!

Once we finished, we were all pretty tired and warn out for our first day, so we decided to head back to our hotels and pass the eff out.

Until the next day.


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