Traveling to Vegas Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning we leave for Vegas, and although I was a little excited when we first booked back in March, I’m now kind of worried its not going to be as fun. Mainly because it’s going to be a different experience with a child, but also, it’s going to be almost 100 degrees. I aint ready for that kind of heat yet!!

Im prepared though. We have tons of sunblock, new swimsuits and our hats to be protected from the sun. I’ll prolly be strolling around in the hotels most of the time since they keep the AC running, but they can also be smokey which I think is going to suck, especially having arya around that. Luckily though, thats mainly in the casino area where she can’t hang out anyways.

The first day (tomorrow) is just going to be me and Arya all day alone since daddy has the UFC event to go to as soon as we get off the plane and pick up our car pretty much. His gym friend is fighting again in the UFC, which is the reason we decided to go in the first place.

Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly and i can check into the room early with arya so I’m not stuck lugging crap around all day or having to wait in a long line for an hour with a possible crabby baby. I wished one of my family members were going or even one of my friends, but I’ll survive… I hope.


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