Family Fun in Long Beach, WA

Family Fun in Long Beach, WA

Since my husband had a couple of solo trips planned during summer, I decided we needed to do a summer beach trip with the kiddos while the weather is actually nice. We ended up deciding on Long Beach, WA even though I love Oregon beaches more for the scenery. And I haven’t been to Long Beach in over 10 years, so it had been long overdue.

We ended up booking our stay with Best Western and although it was right next door to everything on the main strip, I probably won’t stay again because our bed was broken and they did nothing to fix the problem and we paid over $500 to stay there. Definitely a convenient location though.

We played out on the beach and made sandcastles, and flew the kite a couple of times. The kite festival was actually the week after we were there but people had shown up early to practice, so we got a chance to see some cool kite displays.

We, of course, had to eat some chowder at a few different places. I feel like I have to try everyone’s chowder while on beach trips just so I know which ones I like to have again on a future trip. My favorite one was from Lost Roo since it had bacon and an added smokey flavor!

Remember when I said I hadn’t been to Long Beach in forever? Well, the one thing that always comes to mind when I think of Long Beach, WA is Marsh’s Free Museum with the half alligator/half-man creature named Jake. It was right next door to our hotel, which we didn’t realize at the time and ended up taking our car just to drive around the block next door. Yes, we’re goofy and didn’t really pay attention to the location on our GPS. We went exploring inside and although it still looks the same as when I first visited, it’s still cool to see and walk through, especially now with my kids who are curious creatures. Delilah kept pointing to all of the animals on the walls, and Arya loved all of the animal knick-knacks and trinkets. She was scared of Jake and didn’t even want to get close. haha

Next family fun stop was the arcade. I did find the games to be kind of expensive in price per play, but that’s kind of normal in touristy areas. It varied from .50 to $2 per, and some of them you could up your amount of plays by swiping your card a certain amount of times on the machine which ultimately lowered the price per play. So that was kind of cool once we figured that out. All in all, it was fun and Arya got to pick out like 5 small items, one being an egg that hatches a snake.

All that matters is that they had fun.

We will probably visit Long Beach again once Delilah no longer needs a stroller because trying to push that thing across the sand was a nightmare. And we all know Long Beach is literally the longest beach, so it takes quite a bit longer to walk through the sand to actually reach the ocean. hehe

What’s your favorite thing about Long Beach, WA?


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    Yay for such a great time. But boo on Best Western being so bad about their customer service, that can really ruin a trip. 🙁
    I enjoy just watching the ocean – it’s my favorite.
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