8 Ways to Save Money on Your Vegas Trip!

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Vegas Trip!

We all know that Vegas can be a tourist trap with their endless amount of entertainment options, their high priced hotels and restaurants, and everything else in between. But can you really save money on your Vegas trip? The answer is yes! My husband and I go to Vegas at least once a year, mostly because of these money-saving tips.


8 Ways to Save Money on Your Trip to Vegas:


  1. Book Flights in Advance Or On Certain Days: If you want to avoid costly airline tickets, book your flight well in advance for a Tuesday or Wednesday when the airlines are cheaper and less busy. Just make sure your arrival date is not when a convention is held; hotel prices sell out quickly and skyrocket in price. If you travel a lot, you definitely want to sign up for the airline rewards program that you mostly fly with, that way you can use your points towards a future flight which will help you save money on your Vegas trip.
  2. Play MyVegas On Facebook: This is an app game that doesn’t cost a thing which gives you real Las Vegas rewards, although, there are options to purchase more coins and loyalty points to put towards your redemption items if you happen to run out. You can get free hotels, shows, food, drinks and more. If I don’t have other options for cheap/free hotels, I usually snag my hotel stays through MyVegas.
  3. Share Vegas Hotel Information Through Social Rewards: This is a social media rewards site where you’ll need to have a twitter and a Facebook account in order to participate. Every day, you get 3 shares through both of your social media accounts. I suggest watching the video shares as well as connect shares first since those don’t count towards your daily 3. The rewards are shows/food/or Total Rewards Points which can only be spent on Caesars Entertainment Properties. If you read over the post I linked to, you’ll notice that I usually go for the Total Rewards option when cashing out since they can be used on gambling, food, hotel stays, and shows. This site and MyVegas are my 2 favorite sites that will help you save money on your Vegas trip.
  4. Checking In At Your Hotel: If you’re going to Vegas for a reason, then you might want to mention that reason upon check-in. Some hotel staff will give you free room upgrades if you say you’re there for your anniversary or you’re there to get married. If you aren’t going to Vegas for a special occasion then you can attempt to do the $20 dollar trick. It just might land you a super awesome upgrade for very little cash. We haven’t tried this since my husband is too afraid, but we have asked if any upgrades were available and ended up paying $200 for it, which was fine because we didn’t pay for the room and it was a suite! You just have to ask if the price is worth it to YOU. Remember, you’re trying to save money on your Vegas trip.
  5. Don’t Spend Money on Alcohol in Vegas: Granted, you’re probably going to be spending money on booze at some point while there, but if you’re in the casino area, hop on a penny machine and stick a $1 in the slot and bet the lowest you can. If you’re gambling, you’ll generally get a waitress coming over to you asking if you want cocktails. Don’t be afraid to order something that isn’t a well. Like for instance; request a gray goose/pineapple juice or whatever you like. They will oblige because after all, you’re putting money in their machines.
  6. Coupons: Don’t be afraid to use coupons to save money on your Vegas trip! At check-in, you’ll most likely receive coupon offers for your hotel’s restaurants and shows, sometimes even buy one get ones. I recommend ordering the American Casino Guide coupon book, especially if you’re going to check out Fremont street in Downtown, Vegas. I had the 2013 edition of this coupon book and ended up getting my monies worth plus some by using only one coupon at the El Cortez Flame Steakhouse restaurant. A great restaurant for those that don’t want to pay $75 for a steak on the strip. Thankfully we had dinner comped or sadly, my husband wouldn’t have had the chance to experience what a $75 steak tastes like at the Luxor. I also suggest checking out Restaurant.com for Las Vegas Restaurant money off coupons. I don’t recommend paying for them though, sometimes you can get Restaurant.com certificates for free or for the low price of $2.
  7. Gambling: If you’re a slot machine gambler, be sure to sign up for each hotel’s rewards card. Even if you’re not a high roller, Total Rewards which is owned by CETCaesars Entertainment) oftentimes gives you comped room offers, but in order to see them you’ll need to register online. My husband and I probably gamble around a $100-200 each every time we go to Vegas and we both get comped offers. So as you can see, it doesn’t take much to get comped.
  8. Getting Around: Sometimes you can find inexpensive car rental deals that you can share with friends to lower the cost. But, be sure to fill up the gas tank yourself rather than letting the car rental charge you for it as you will be paying a much higher price per gallon. If you can, try walking or catching public transportation like the  shuttles, buses, monorails and the free trams that connect to hotels. Ex: Excalibur and Luxor are connected with a tram.

Happy Vacationing and I hope I at least pointed you in the right direction to save money on your Vegas trip.

If you’re aware of any other ways to save money on your Vegas trip that I have not mentioned above, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments so we can all take advantage of it.



  1. / 9:40 PM

    Some great tips! My husband and I have never been to Vegas, but I’ve learned a few things that could make that trip happen earlier and with a better experience than I would have expected. 😉
    Tonya Bangart recently posted…New Word Search Word List!My Profile

  2. / 10:09 PM

    Great tips. I definitely want to go to Las Vegas again.

  3. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita
    / 4:59 AM

    Wasn’t aware of the Facebook feature, that is helpful!

  4. Brandi
    / 8:16 AM

    I already am playing MyVegas (heard about it from another blog friend of mine), and have enough points for a room. I’m hoping we can go for our anniversary this year. I’ll check out the Social Share link you suggested.
    Brandi recently posted…2.3.0. #fatgirlproblemsMy Profile

  5. / 4:18 PM

    Las Vegas is my FAVORITE place to go! We use “the $20 trick” it almost never fails….and the one time we didn’t get a room upgrade they gave us buffet passes and chocolates and champagne sent to the room… If plan on drinking in your room – go to CVS or Walgreens or even off the strip to the liquor store to grab alcohol and a cooler for the week. It’s much cheaper than buying at the stores in the casino/lobby!
    Scrappy Geek recently posted…More NFL Bad Lip Reading (Videos!)My Profile

  6. Lisa J Jones
    / 11:50 PM

    Awesome Tips I Plan On Using The Next Time I Go!!

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