DIY Teeth Whitening at Home: A Smile Brilliant Review

DIY Teeth Whitening at Home: A Smile Brilliant Review

I was invited by Smile Brilliant to test out their teeth whitening product in exchange for my honest opinion. Please consult your dentist before using any products on your teeth.

Have you ever seen those annoying teeth whitening commercials where the girl with the supposed yellow teeth (already has exceptionally white teeth), but is complaining about yellowness with the napkin test? Yeah, I don’t get it either. They could, you know, at least have someone on there with actual yellow teeth so that we know their product is believable; like my teeth for instance.

I haven’t whitened my teeth the entire 35 years I’ve been alive and I figured now is a great time. I don’t smoke and never have, but I have drunk coffee for the past couple of years (having a kid will do that to you), and of course, I drink fruit juices and the occasional soda but nothing too out of the ordinary.

I never had the courage to try over the counter teeth whitening products because I heard the strips don’t work very well at getting all of the crevices of your teeth, so you’re stuck with yellowness between teeth, AND, they’re also expensive! Didn’t sound like my cup of tea.

Smile Brilliant is different though.

They send you a teeth molding kit along with desensitizing and whitening gel. Having a custom fit is crucial if you want all of your teeth whitened! (I actually forgot to snap pics before I used it.)

I was slightly afraid of doing the molds because of crowding (that’s another story), so I wasn’t sure if all of my teeth would fit when doing the molds with the putty. You have to get the putty mixed together, put on the tray and then in your mouth to mold in about 45 seconds, otherwise, it hardens quickly. I actually messed up on my first try (because of my crowding), but thankfully they put another putty mold set in the box in case of screw ups. I got it on the second try, just needed to reposition my teeth on the tray differently so that all teeth were covered with the putty.

Then when finished, you let it harden for 24 hours and ship it back in the prepaid envelope they send with your kit.

Smile Brilliant even informs you when they’re received and the starting process of the molding all by email. Gives you a piece of mind that your aligners are in the works and in good hands. I actually received them a week after they were received which was super quick in my opinion!

The aligners arrive back with their very own case. Great for keeping them clean from dust and debris.

The aligners fit perfectly and were no issue to get on even with my one cockeyed tooth.

I followed the directions on the instruction card they send and did the whitening for about an hour each time. A couple times, I had put too much whitening gel into the trays and it ended up burning my gums and I could taste it in my mouth and the burning in my throat. I tried to spit as much of the gel out as possible. So remember to use a very thin line of gel in your aligners when whitening!

A few times I experienced some pain in my teeth, but I was told to use the desensitizing gel first instead of after to help with the pain. Then, I would wait a few days before trying to do it again so that the nerves in my teeth had a chance to heal up.

I still have a tube of the desensitizing and whitening gel to continue the whitening process, but I had to stop for reasons I cannot discuss here yet. But, I feel like Smile Brilliants process did a great job whitening my teeth.

My canine teeth were more yellow than any other teeth, but that’s because the enamel is thinner causing the dentin to show through more. So if that is your issue too, just know that it is possible to get them whiter!

Since I already have an aligner tray that is custom fit to me, I’ll be a lifelong subscriber to Smile Brilliant when I need to freshen up my smile.  #Smilefearlessly




  1. I would love to try this system! My teeth could use some whitening. I keep them really clean, but I need a little extra whitening action.

  2. Those commercials annoy me to death! Like you said, their teeth are already white!! I have tried whitening products many times, but never have used smile brilliant. I’d love to try it out.

  3. / 4:31 PM

    I need to try this out. I’m always wanting whiter teeth. I find as I get older, they aren’t as bright.

  4. / 5:35 PM

    I really do not care for those commercials either! I do love Smile Brilliant! I have used it many times over the past several years and it totally works!

  5. ricci
    / 11:09 PM

    I have tried Smile Brilliant in the past and really loved the result I got from it! Great review!!

  6. Tim B
    / 6:45 AM

    While I’m not getting cavities brushing my bottom teeth just isn’t keeping up with having them look clean. May have to try this out. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Adaleta
    / 10:12 PM

    I have seen so many awesome results from smile brilliant! Love it!

  8. / 11:17 AM

    Your teeth look great. I need to get better about getting my bi-annual cleanings. I will have to check this out and see if it’s an option. – yolonda

  9. / 11:50 AM

    Waw they seem really professional compared to other brands of teeth withening at home. Glad it worked for you! I’d still be scared to not make my teeth more sensitive than they already are.

  10. Aduke Schulist
    / 8:19 AM

    I have tried other at home whitening kits, but haven’t had much success. My teeth are terrible and I think only a dentist could help make mine whiter.

  11. / 3:46 AM

    I tried whitening my teeth before with this brand and it didn’t work out good. I would love to try that.

    • / 3:47 AM

      I mean, with a certain brand (forgot the name). 🙂

  12. / 5:38 AM

    Invisalign is the best option over metal braces to straighten the teeth. It has a lot of benefits over traditional metal braces and more convenient to use is well.

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